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Have you ever had one of those tough, super rushed days of travelling just to get to a meeting? You’re in the car or on the train for hours worrying about being late or you just feel really underprepared. Well what if I told you, all that time could be spent ensuring you’re relaxed and comfortable. You could be taking the time to check your resources are in place, and that your outfit is perfect for your presentation, instead of worrying that you’ve only got just the one earring in! Here are a few ways that you can make sure your style is still practical while you’re on the go!

Busy professionals manage to look elegant and composed no matter how much they’ve got going on. The trick is to be prepared for everything! Spare shirts, tops, and jackets can hide any lunchtime or ‘hot-and-bothered’ moments. If you’re on the go, travelling a long distance or if it’s sweltering outside, why not take a spare so you can relax a little more right now?

You might be spending your commute or journey trying to cram last minute details, so you feel better prepared. However, the last thing you want is to be carrying heavy folders, laptops, and paperwork with you. Why not prepare everything in an app and just bring your iPad mini or smartphone? You can use something like a womens drop leg bag to keep it secure while you’re navigating crowded escalators and chasing down the bus. With everything on a small portable device, you can relax and not worry about lots of luggage.

Skinny Dip Floral Rucksack

Of course, if you need to use a laptop for your presentation, you might need to take one with you. A stylish backpack is quite handy when you’re on your feet all day. The weight is distributed more easily, and best of all, your hands are free to eat and drink without juggling everything in one go! If you’re not a fan of boring backpacks, there are plenty of stylish options out there. My recent backpack purchase pictured above is from SkinnyDip which looks beautiful, whatever the look I’m going for!

What about all your other accessories? You can’t turn up to a board meeting or job interview in your trainers, but you will need something comfortable so you can be comfy on your feet. If you have a good roomy bag, you could bring a spare pair of pumps with you. Alternatively, stick to cute flats like these mules that I recently purchased or ballet shoes that will still work with a professional suit or interview outfit.

Asos loafer mules

I love a me some bling, but if you have too much jewellery on when travelling it sometimes gets in the way, especially when you’re commuting during full on rush hour. When it comes to accessorising stick to stud earrings and choker style necklaces to travel. Trust me, there’s nothing worse then being yanked backwards when exiting the tube because your dangle bangle is caught on another commuter! Of course, if you’re happy to stash all your favourite pieces in your bag, you can always dress up when you arrive at your venue. I mean, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed right?

Skirt, dress, or trousers? The choice can be a little mind-boggling, and although a trouser suit can sometimes be the easiest approach I love me some feminine silhouette’s. It’s taken me a few years and wardrobe mishaps to realise that a good quality and detailed blouse is perfect for any outfit.

[Insert PIC]

So you’ve got your shoes, your skirt, your blouse, your accessories and your bag. What more could you need? Styling your hair and your makeup for a professional meeting is really important. Keep a small bottle of hairspray to keep those fly away hairs at bay! Handy tip – using a small amount of hand cream works just as well!

Makeup has a tendency to ‘melt’ off when we’re under pressure. Pack a powder foundation to hide any shine and keep looking fresh faced throughout the day.

A big meeting that starts with a big journey can always be nerve wracking. What are your most practical wardrobe items? Do you have a ‘good luck’ outfit or favourite shoes for such an occasion?

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