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I’m just going to admit it – my blog has been really really neglected. I went from consistent posting and slowly but surely improving things around here to a complete standstill and then an odd post here and there. I’ve been pre-occupied I guess but that’s not to say I’ve fallen out love with my blog. No, definitely not that. The thing is I just want different things for it now. Where I once wanted all of the opportunities and all of the fame (well not really, but some recognition anyway) I’ve decided that I really don’t want that anymore. In truth, I just feel a little bit lost, like a tiny fish in a huge ocean filled with bigger, better more exotic fish.

So after a huge lunch and a big catch up with one of my favourite blogging babe’s, I came up with a list of things that I wanted for the blog, things that could do with some improvement and things that definitely need to change around here. I’ve decided to share it all with you so if there’s any other suggestions you want to add, maybe I can take them on board. Plus you know…if I’ve put it out there, I’ve got to stick to it right?

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So let’s start with what I love. I love the look of my blog. It took me a while to set it up to how I wanted and I know there are small things that still need tweaking but for the moment I’m loving it. As nice as the crisp white backgrounds look, I find them a little bit…boring (sorry!). So that’s something that’s going to stay for a while.

Consistency is another issue I have. I post as and when at the moment and yes it takes away a lot of the pressure from sticking to a schedule but it also takes away the motivation. I’m the kind of person that needs deadlines so I can work towards something…an end goal even, so I’m thinking of having a posting schedule for two-three times a week. If I get really really into it then anything more than that is just a bonus! I have yet to decide on the days but possibly Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays.

I’m always super grateful for all the opportunities that come with blogging however if I’m honest, I’m finding working with SOME PR’s particularly tiresome, especially when it comes to chasing invoices.  I understand they’re trying to do a job too but it’s so hard having to constantly push back all the time. I’ve decided to become a little bit more selective with what I’m featuring on the blog in terms of gifted products. I think I’m going to go back to try and feature all the things that I’ve bought and I’m loving at the moment. I don’t think I’m exploiting my shopping habit enough on here! haha

That brings me on to my next point. Something else you should know is that I absolutely hate taking photos for the blog. I find it really really frustrating and tedious. I hate getting everything out and then tidying it all up again afterwards. I hate that I don’t have a creative eye and the pictures don’t look “perfect”. To me, It’s just SO much work with a result that I’m not always happy with. However I have to face facts and there’s no way of getting round it, I’m just going to have to find a solution for this. I haven’t found one just yet but in the meantime, my pictures aren’t going to be perfectly edited and light bright and airy. I don’t have a photographer friend either,  so instead they’re most likely going to be photos straight from my phone (with some touching up of course!) and even mirror selfies until I figure out a solution. Please bare with me!

I guess the other issue around photography was that I kept trying to make my pictures look all editorial-like and in truth, it all became too formal and too serious around here. As blogs have grown and advanced, they’ve become more like magazines and maybe I’m trying too hard to keep up. Whilst I’ve been away, I realised that I missed my blog just being a creative outlet the most and the part where I can just be me and talk about the things that I love without fear of judgement or not keeping up with the blogosphere.

To be honest, I don’t really care much for the bloggersphere anymore either. It’s fully of catty comments and double standards and I want to move away from that. I’m happy with my own little space, talking about the things that I love.

Gone will be the rounded edges to my photos! I like them, I really do. It’s a small detail that adds to my blog but honestly it’s a pain and a half doing it! I mean, eventually I figured out a really easy way to do it on Photoshop but it’s just one extra unnecessary step that I’m definitely going to cut out.

Lastly, I really hate taking photos of myself. I know it’s pretty easy to have a beauty blog and just show pictures of products and swatch on arms/hands which is exactly what I have been doing, but sometimes this irks me when I’m Googling swatches because I want to see what the product looks like on someone. The thing is I’m just so self conscious that I rarely take selfies at all. I’m hoping to break this cycle though and build up my self esteem. I haven’t quite figure out how just yet but I’m going to work on it!

I’m hoping to use the blog for more diary style entries, somewhere where I can have a rant and swoon over all the things I want to buy.

So even though we’re 5 months into 2017 and I wanted to do the whole new year new me thing with my blog a while back, it’s never too late to start again properly. So here’s to a not-so-newer or shinier, but more consistent Damzel In This Dress!
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