Damzel’s Daily Diary 22nd-26th April 2019

Welcome to Damzel’s Daily Diary aka photos from my iphone. This is an attempt to keep the diary I always end up forgetting about and also doing something with the 6452 photos I take on my phone of random stuff on a daily basis. These posts *should* be a weekly thing and I’m hoping through these you will get to know me a teeny weeny bit better.


Bank holiday Monday was both fun and weird at the same time. Everyone had left (my sisters and cousins that live in different cities and countries) and I felt a little bit…lonely I guess. Plus I had been thinking about these weddings non stop for months and now that it had ended, I didn’t know what to do with myself.
Luckily, my best friend was on hand to get me out of this funk. We were supposed to go for afternoon tea but since it was going to be the hottest day of the year so far we decided against it and went to Mare Street Market instead. Great choice tbh *takes a small bow* 


Back to work after a bank holiday just sucks. There’s just no other way to put it.
Also there’s nothing worse than going back to work to snarky emails. I’m getting that wave of needing to move on from my role or cut down my hours again. I came home and tried to destress by using my fave face mask (The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask).

Oh I also picked up a peach citrus iced tea from Starbucks today. I don’t know why I did this because I ended up missing my train, and to add salt to the wound, the drink was absolutely vile.

I spent the evening devouring Slush puppy Ice poles (who knew these were even a thing?) and watching the new Noel Centineo movie ‘The Perfect Date’. NGL I did google to see how old he was to see if it was acceptable to have a small crush on him. Google says it is.


This weather is stressing me out. I just have no idea how to dress and suddenly I’m staring into my wardrobe and all I’m seeing is thick knitted jumpers and sweatshirts. After a small melt down and realising I was late, I pulled on the thinnest jumper I have and my fave vintage mom jeans from Primark. Functional fashion ftw.

Sadly I didn’t get a photo of my outfit but I did capture Yum Yums that I devoured before my train even arrived. Swings and roundabouts.


Work was a ball ache. Honestly I am being stretched in so many different directions by clients that it’s becoming quite a struggle. Luckily I had something super fun planned after work to unwind from it all.

I surprised a (lego mad) friend to see the launch of The Brick Bar pop up in Oval Space (Bethnal Green). An evening of playing with lego, chilling in a ball pit and eating some pretty cool burgers. Definitely a hit for me.


Working on a Friday sucks. I’m not used to it and truth be told, I don’t think I could ever go back to working Fridays again! 

I had dinner at Patara this evening which is a lovely Thai place in Knightsbridge. Generally Thai isn’t one of my go to cuisines but high end thai food always hits the spot. No snobbery here, but you can just taste the quality of all the different ingredients.
With a full belly and our work rants out the way we headed to the Saatchi Gallery to see the Kaleidoscope exhibition. I’m not going to lie, this was majorly underwhelming. Time Out made it look incredible and instead people were scoffing at it and walking away. It really is a wooden box with some mirrored sheets inside.
I did get an instagram worthy photo but was it worth the £2 to get it? It’s a no from me.

I’ve decided not to share my weekends. Partly because I spend a lot of it resting and recuperating so not great content but also because I spend it with family and well, not everything should be shared.

Have a fab weekend x

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