Damzel’s Daily Diary 20th-24th May 2019

Welcome to Damzel’s Daily Diary aka photos from my iphone. This is an attempt to keep the diary I always end up forgetting about and also doing something with the 6452 photos I take on my phone of random stuff on a daily basis. These posts *should* be a weekly thing and I’m hoping through these you will get to know me a teeny weeny bit better.


I’m slacking with posting these regularly, I missed last weeks but I refuse to give up. It’s the easiest posts for me to get out and possibly the only thing keeping me consistently posting or should I say drafting at the moment. So Monday, good old Monday reared it’s head round again and it was really rather dull. My Stranger Things t-shirt arrived just before I left for work so of course I ripped the tag off and pulled it on straight away. 

This afternoon I finally walked into a Boots to swatch a shade of Fenty foundation that doesn’t make me look like an Oompa Loompa. Although I don’t think I’ll be buying it again anytime soon (read my review on why not, here) I do want to know what my actual shade is. So far 210 seems to be the closest. I decided to not impulse buy and to walk about with some swatches on my hand. Is it just me or are all the shades quite…luminous(!)

Obviously I wasn’t going to walk out of there empty handed lol (come on!) so I ended up buying ‘Uncuffed’ and I love it! I mean you do have to layer it up quite a few times to avoid streaks and it doesn’t last very long on me but the colour is so pretty. Usually nude liquid lipsticks end up oxidising and they all dry down darker but this is a unique shade. I feel like it makes my lips look plumper too! 


It’s getting warmer again and I feel like my wardrobe is just not ready. Pulled on my good vibes T-shirt from Na-kd Fashions (gifted) and my trusty H&M striped trousers. I’m on the look out for black culottes that are on the longer side (like these) but can’t seem to find any. Might have to pop into H&M after work today. Anyone seen a decent pair around?

Had a sweet paan after absolutely ages! I feel like in recent times I’ve grown a real appreciation for Indian delicacies – if you can call it that ha. 


Caught up with my best friend today and stopped off in Chelsea to have a look at this year’s Chelsea in Bloom. I loved it! The theme was just perfect and I loved everyone’s different take on it. Obviously had to take a quick pic at my favourite floral display which you might have already caught on Instagram. 


Polling day today! For the first time ever I’ve seen posters up about how voting is secret and shouldn’t be told to anyone. 

Had “Rass Puri” today which is basically savoury chappatis (kinda) dipped in mango pulp. I like both of those two things seperately, can’t see the combination of the two being a favourite of mine any time soon! 


Such a lovely day today! Spent the morning at a very special event where I (and Ana from @faded_spring) created a blend of tea inspired by the moon. This will be given/tasted by 3000 people who will attend the Moon festival. Feel so grateful for some of the opportunities blogging has bought me! 

I’ve decided not to share my weekends. Partly because I spend a lot of it resting and recuperating so not great content but also because I spend it with family and well, not everything should be shared.

Have a fab Bank Holiday weekend x

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