Brick Bar London Review

Australia-based Brick Bar (who are in no way affiliated with Lego themselves!) have transported over a million bricks to London for a pop up from 26 to 28 April 2019.

Brick Bar London

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on tickets you get you 90 minutes access to the bar, the Brick Burger station and buckets of bricks to assemble your own creations. There’s even a ping pong table (made of Lego obvz), ball pit and doughnut stand. 

Each night is soundtracked by local DJs, so you can boogie on down but be careful not to step on any bricks! 

My thoughts on it were: 

The concept is fantastic. The huge smiles on everyone’s faces and how everyone got stuck in to create and play. 

The location was cute but I do think they should have had more seating/tables for everyone to eat more comfortably. 

We were one of the first people in so we made a beeline for the burger station. The caterers were “fabulous BBQ” and apparently they have just 2 weeks to plan and create the brick burger concept. I think the did a great job but the veggie burger wasn’t something I would get again. Some mushroom and lettuce in some bread just doesn’t do it for me (so sorry!)

Is it worth the £25-£30 price tag? Gahhh this is a tough one to answer. Considering it’s a one off experience, yes, but at the same time food and drink isn’t included and since it’s a timed slot…is it really worth it to play with some Lego for 90 minutes? 

It’s a tough answer. For me personally, I would rather pay for experiences than material things. If you have the same ethic than it’s defo worth a visit!

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