Damzel’S Daily Diary 29TH April – 4TH May 2019

Welcome to Damzel’s Daily Diary aka photos from my iphone. This is an attempt to keep the diary I always end up forgetting about and also doing something with the 6452 photos I take on my phone of random stuff on a daily basis. These posts *should* be a weekly thing and I’m hoping through these you will get to know me a teeny weeny bit better.


Missed out on a family brunch because of work. Felt super sorry for myself so I treated myself to dinner at Bird. Shoutout to friends who are ever ready to come out and have a meal with you, no matter how last minute you text them. 10/10 recommend for a pick me up dinner. 


I gave in and FINALLY started continued with Game of Thrones. I’ve struggled with watching it before because I have the attention span of a fish but I’ve given myself a deadline to watch it. Partly because Now TV set the deadline originally but also because Ramadan is coming (lol see what I did there) and I usually give up watching TV for it. 

This outfit is definitely my throw on outfit when I have nothing to wear. I’ve also been loving trying out different European snack foods lately. The coffee shop (if you can call it that) stocks intriguing things so I picked up Jezyki. It’s kind of like a Lion bar but better because it has hazelnuts in!


Happy Hump day! This week is dragginggg! Finally decided to wear the striped paper bag trousers I got from Primark two weeks ago. I was only 80% sure I would wear them but I’ve worn them and can confirm I love them! Very comfy and actually the paper bag bit is great for hiding those rolls! 

Met up with my best friend and introduced her to Poppies. Oh and I bought the CUTEST bag From Forever 21. I cannot wait to start using it! 


It’s Avengers Endgame day! Finally! Was slightly concerned that 3 hours to watch a film is pretty hard, no matter how good the movie is supposed to be but it wasn’t bad at all. Also it has been decided that Revels are the best cinema snack. Don’t fight me on this.

Found out that Pizza Express now serve hummus with rosemary and garlic bread so naturally my day got even better.


Felt a little bit fancy today so I put on one of my favourite jumpsuits from Monki. I love it so much that I have it in all 3 colours!

Discovered a really really cool place to have weekend brunch. The general vibe is amazing and it’s a great place to work/chill/play. Stay tuned for a review on it soon.

I’ve decided not to share my weekends. Partly because I spend a lot of it resting and recuperating so not great content but also because I spend it with family and well, not everything should be shared.

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