DAMZEL’S DAILY DIARY 5th – 9th August 2019

Welcome to Damzel’s Daily Diary aka photos from my iphone. This is an attempt to keep the diary I always end up forgetting about and also doing something with the 6452 photos I take on my phone of random stuff on a daily basis. These posts *should* be a weekly thing and I’m hoping through these you will get to know me a teeny weeny bit better.

Monday 6th August:

I never used to mind Monday mornings but nowadays I seem to need a whole load of coffee to get me through them now. I went into Greggs to buy myself a sandwich for lunch and I ended up getting this cupcake. Couldn’t figure out why it was called a ring bun until I took it back to the office and omg how cute – the princess on top is actually a ring! I just can’t, with how cute it is.

Took Madre out for dinner this evening because it’s been forever and she deserves it. She’s usually SO fussy about eating out (Because her food is banging obvz) but for once she said she liked it! We went to Khana Kazana on Green St and honestly the food was pretty good. Whenever I walk past it looks jam packed and now I can see why. It’s also HMC approved.

Tuesday 6th August:

Went bowling after a while and my goodness I really am shit at it lmao. TBH all I could think about was food but it was still a laugh. Ended up at All Star Gourmet (again!) since it’s great for kids and the owner is also friendly. So glad they haven’t got rid of the Mexicana burger like they had intended! If you’re ever in Green Street, defo give it a visit.

Wednesday 7th August:

I am having a complete blank. I don’t think I did anything at all today. I do know that I finished season 3 of Money Heist and omg my heart. My blood pressure. My poor robbers. 🙁 Someone console me with positive theories of how it will end. Also I’m bank on my nose ring obsession.

Damzel In This Dress

Thursday 8th August:

Work was super busy today and I missed out on a family picnic which left me with some serious FOMO. My colleague and I went out for some Mamma Dough pizza instead and it was seriously good! Don’t forget to check out my review! I also tried out an iced mocha at Unico, an italian Gelateria in Bromley and it was absolutely vile. Tasted of…plain milk. Avoid.

Friday 9th August:

Went to Westfield this morning for a very quick shopping trip with my sisters. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anything and ended up buy these GORG clips. JUST LOOK AT THEM! Later, I decided to meet up with a friend and eat wagamama’s before checking out the Tate Modern.
We had originally planned on getting tickets for the ‘Olafur Eliasson: In real life’ exhibition but we ended up spending about 3 hours at ‘The cubic structural evolution’ project (also by Olafur Eliasson). Here’s some photos of our palace we made and I’m very proud of!

I’ve decided not to share my weekends. Partly because I spend a lot of it resting and recuperating so not great content but also because I spend it with family and well, not everything should be shared.

Have a fab weekend x

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