Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas is almost here! How exciting! This year i’ve definitely been a good girl; according to twitter i’ve only sworn twice. If you’re curious as to what may have angered me so much to use such blasphemous language, you’ll be pleased to know that those two words were in fact, cocks as in Mr cocks and Butt. 

Still, since Santa would be oh so proud of me, I’ve decided to make his job a little bit easier and made my christmas list.


1.       Nikon Camera Lens: – I have been saying for so long now that I want to get into photography again. I love seeing photographs people have taken and I usually find myself impressed with the shot itself rather than what it’s of, however I can’t start shooting fancy pics without a fancy lens. I haven’t yet done too much research into it but I think the 70-300mm is one I would love!

2.       Nails inc /essie:- I have thought long and hard about this but the decision is too tough. I love both brands way too much to decide between the two so I would love a mix of both. This year in particular my love for nail polish has grown and I can’t seem to get enough!

3.        Nexus/Note:- having been addicted to watching episodes of pretty little liars back to back, I really need something I can stream it on. The ipad just doesn’t cut, especially asw I can’t watch the catwalk on the Asos website! Also blogging with an ipad is awful, so thats definitely reason enough to ask for one!

4.       Bag- I’m not a fan of designer at all. Don’t get me wrong, I do like timeless classics but throwing money away at endless designer things just doesn’t quite appeal to me. Fast fashion is definitely more me, however I  still do want a nice classic bag that’s not black.

5.       Hunters: disappointingly, my last pair ripped. Actually my last two pairs ripped =/ you’d think I would learn and stop buying them! However I love wearing wellies even when I don’t find myself walking through a muddy farm and this time I think I will be purchasing…I mean..dearest Santa, I would like navy ones!

6.        A winter coat:- I have been on the hunt for one for a while now and I’m not entirely sure whether I want a smart casual coat or a Parka. Although tbh, if this winter is anything like the last, I just want something that will keep me nice and toasty!

So there it is, my top 6 things that I hope Santa will be bringing me this christmas!

Whats on your christmas wishlist? Have you done all your shopping?

Love R x


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