Help! My nails are yellow!

I will be completely honest and say that this post was inspired by an embarrassing incident with my niece. Everyone knows how innocent yet brutally honest children can be, and my two year old niece is no exception. Having just learnt her colours, she took my hand which I used to experiment with some nails inc nail varnish colours. She correctly pointed out each different coloured nail and correctly called out the colour it was and then to my horror she took my nail varnish free right hand and pointed to every single nail saying ‘yellow, yellow,yellow…!’ :O 

I was in absolute shock and somehow didn’t find it as amusing as my sisters did either! So there you have it, there’s the story behind it, now to the real stuff! Are you suddenly finding your nails are discolouring?, for want of a better word! 

Why does it happen? 

Yellowing is often caused by the chemicals from regular nail polishes, (dark matte colors leave more noticeable marks) which can cause stains on your nails; or if you’re Asian like me and eat curry with your hands, then you’re probably fully aware that stained nails are pretty much inevitable

So how do I get rid of this horrible yellow look?

Well prevention is better than cure, so a good tip to remember is:Before applying the first coat of nail polish, make sure that you first put a clear nourishing base coat on. Leave to dry and then go crazy with your colours! 

There are a number of ways you can help return the natural colour of your nails, here are a few that use products that can be found lying around your home:

I personally have tried all three of the home remedies and have found water and lemon works the best for me. Apple cider vinegar is great too however I hate the lingering smell of vinegar which can be left.

Do you find your nails discolour with use of certain nail varnishes? Do you whiten your nails? Do you think children should be seen and not heard?

Love R x

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