Benets – Brick Lane

You can’t say you’re a real East Londoner if you haven’t been to Brick Lane market on a Sunday; full of the most amazing sights that you could possibly feast your eyes on, the market is bound to have you visiting again and again.

So when you’ve wandered around for hours on end and you need a sit down what do you do? Well luckily, I’ve found just the ideal place to end (or begin) a fun filled day. One of the highlights of Brick lane is Benets; a family run ice cream parlour that do the most amazing homemade ice cream. They do other stuff too, including ciabattas, crepes, milkshakes and of course hot drinks for those chilly winter days.


I was after a nice hot chocolate when I first walked in because it was so cold I could barely feel my hands but as soon as I saw the vast array of other stuff they do, I couldn’t contain myself. After whats seemed likes an hour of deciding what I could possibly have, I opted for a snickers milkshake instead…boring yes I know but I don’t like to experiment too much with food!




The decor is lovely, very rustic, keeping in theme of the whole family run business thing. Despite the cold weather, it was nice and warm inside and the wooden chairs weren’t uncomfortable.



The staff are extremely friendly and if you’re ordering in they’ll hand you a wooden spoon with a number on it to take with you to your table. How cute!

Although I didn’t order the ice cream myself I did taste it and I have to say, i’ve been craving it ever since!


A definite recommend!

 Have you ever been to Benets? Do you like home made ice cream? What is your favourite flavoured milkshake?

Love R x


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