OOTD: #No Filter Baby

So this week i’ve been contemplating and at the moment I’m considering going back into business. For those of you who don’t know, I had my own t-shirt label for a long while which funded me through my studies. Then I got a ‘real’ job and had to prioritise. To cut a long story short, I miss it.

I miss the creativity involved, the challenges and just knowing that i’ve grown something from nothing. 

Anyhoo, I’m telling you all this because, for todays outfit of the day, I decided to give t-shirt making a go again. Just to see if I still even remembered how! Luckily I did and came up with the t-shirt featured below. 

For those of you who are on instagram (@damzelinthisdress) should get it straight away!

Do excuse the bewildered expression :$

I teamed the t-shirt up with a plain black maxi skirt. It’s a unisex t-shirt so I wanted to make it a little more girly than it was. I finished the outfit with a simple necklace and when the weather got slightly chilly, I threw on a cropped denim shirt.

The hashtag no filter shirt is available to buy, however you will have to contact me for details. Click the contact tab and get in touch if you would like one 🙂

Love Always,

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