Chic Cafe Crystal Palace Review

I have mixed feelings about Crystal palace in general. My one gripe with it, is the lack of decent food places. There’s the usual kebab shops and chippys scattered all over the place, but restaurants and quirky eateries come few and far between. So when CHIC finally opened up just a few minutes away from Crystal Palace station I was intrigued. It almost didn’t fit in.

 The exterior looks both interesting and inviting but when you step inside, it’s just beautiful. A wonderfully cosy yet chic Persian cafe, that you know is something a bit special. The cafe has a few tables inside and there’s also an outside area at the back. It’s not been at all warm since it’s opened but I don’t doubt that in the summer months they will have tables outside and who knows, perhaps they’ll even offer Sheesha.

The menu is simple, they do sandwiches and wraps which all have a Persian twist, but they also do hot drinks and cakes. In other words, all of my favourite foods in one place.

The owner is very friendly and explained that even though it had not long been open, it’s picked up a lot of interest, particularly in the evenings. I did ask him if the food was halal and he said the chicken was, as he buys it himself but the rest of the food isn’t. I decided to opt for the falafal wrap to feed my craving and Mr T ordered the chicken wrap.


The falafal wrap came nicely presented and I could see it being made from scratch so i knew it wasn’t just a packaged one being warmed up. My only very small criticism for the cafe is that they don’t serve chips. I have to have a side of chips with most things but there is a chippy opposite if you really really want some. I know logistically having a fryer wouldn’t work in the cafe but maybe a Batata Harra (cubed & seasoned potatoes) style dish would be nice as a side.

The wrap tasted absolutely delicious. The falafal and the chicken were both full of flavour and may possibly have even been made at home. The wraps are pretty big and by the end of it, I definitely wouldn’t have had room for chips. I’d definitely opt for either one of them again.

The wraps were priced at £4.95 and the sandwiches at £3.95. If I’m honest, it’s worth it because you do get a lot of food. Plus I’d pay that much in Starbucks, so why not here?

I’ve been back to Chic a few times now and sampled their hot chocolate and cakes and I have nothing but praise for the place. It looks great, the food is fantastic and the service can’t be faulted. I’d definitely go and sit there for a few hours with my laptop to get some blogging done. Big thumbs up from me.

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