Lemon and Sugar Exfoliating Scrub

This is an extremely easy, popular home made alternative that everyone is able to try without having to trawl through the supermarket looking for a tropical ingredient that no one actually even has in their kitchen!

All you need is a granulated sugar, fresh lemon and cotton pads.

Grab a tablespoon of sugar and a slice of lemon in a small saucer, you can use a bigger plate if you know you’re going to be extremely messy or just apply over the bathroom sink as I do.

Step one: Get a cotton pad and squeeze your lemon slice over it, soaking it enough to cover most of it.

Step two: Using a pinch of sugar, sprinkle it over the lemon soaked cotton pad

Step three: use the cotton pad to gently exfoliate over your face.

Benefits: This is the perfect exfoliator as it usual all natural ingredients, full of goodness! Lemon is a great natural ingredient and has many benefits. Regular use can promote the tightening of pores, fading of acne scars and brightening your complexion…not to mention its great antibacterial qualities! Sugar is of course a great natural exfoliator and being a natural source of glycolic acid, it is great for evening out skin tones…move over Alpha H!

Like many of the beauty alternatives, there are slight variations on this scrub, for example adding the use of honey or olive oil. Depending on your skin type these can be added to enhance the scrub or even change it up a bit.

Let me know if you do decide to give it a go!

Love R x

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