How To Wash Your Hair Less Often

Since I’ve started colouring my hair, I’ve had to accept the fact that the more I wash my hair the faster my colour fades. The whole process of having to re-dye before I wash my hair got tedious real fast and I had to find a solution. After searching for hours online, it turns out there is not quick fix to making your hair colour last longer except to wash it less often. Considering how long it takes to wash and dry my hair every other morning, I quickly decided that I could get on board with this! My only issue was – how?

How To Wash Your Hair Less Often

Well, in all honesty there is no quick fix to washing your hair less, you will question your life choices and stare at your hair in despair some days but I promise you, it’s worth it! Before I started my change in hair care, I washed my hair every second day. If I tried to stretch it out one extra day my hair would start to get greasy and out of nowhere I’d get dandruff flakes appearing near the top of my head. I was really worried about whether I’d actually look like I hadn’t washed properly, but two months into my new routine, I’ve come out the other side and feel so much better about my hair. It looks and feels healthier. If you’re thinking about doing the same, here are some of my tips:

Use less product – There’s nothing worse than product build up in your hair. A lot of the time we can’t actually see this build up so it makes it difficult to fathom how dirty your hair really is. This built up product helps your hair to get greasier a lot quicker which means you having to wash it more often.

Dry Shampoo – I know, I know, I just said use less product but if you can stick to just one product, use dry shampoo the night before to let it work to it’s full effect. As the weeks go on, you’ll need it less and less.

Don’t touch – Try not to touch your hair so much. Your fingertips contain natural oils (and dirt from your daily life) which can be transferred on to your hair and bring on greasy hair much quicker.

Conditioning – I’ve got a love/hate relationship with conditioner because I honestly believe it makes my hair get greasier faster. For that reason, and because again, it’s just more product on your hair use conditioner only on your ends.

Brush out – Don’t forget to brush your hair regularly to spread out the natural oils in your hair. This doesn’t mean do it all the time, twice a day is more than enough.

Braid it baby – With boxer braids and french plaits all the rage at the moment, it’s the ideal way to keep your locks out of the way. Plus hair is so much easier to style when it’s not freshly washed and it looks amazing on coloured hair. Get creative!

Sadly there is no quick fix and it will take time but if you persevere, you’ll see the results. Not only will it benefit your busy lifestyle to wash/dry your hair less often but there are other great things about it too. Natural oils that don’t get washed away by constant shampooing means that your hair is protected for longer. You’ll notice it growing a lot more and my hair has started to look less dry and my naturally frizzy hair looks more in control too. Best of all though, my colour stays much more vibrant for even longer.

How often do you wash your hair?


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