Younique Mineral Pigment Powders eyeshadow review

Most of my recent posts have been harping on about paraben free products. It is such an important thing to know and understand what you put on your skin goes into your body and I’ve been making a real effort to search out brands that are all natural (or at least as much as they can be) and that have good results. 

I recently had the opportunity to test out some of Younique’s products and after trying out their 3D Fiber Lash mascara, I knew I had struck gold with this brand. 

Along with their mascara, Andrea kindly sent me some eyeshadows to review. When they arrived I realised that these eyeshadows aren’t just any old shadows, they’re pigmented powders.
The Mineral Pigment Powders are 100% natural, chemical-free, mineral-based pigment powders, free of talc, oils, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, and parabens. In short, it wouldnt be problematic to use, it won’t cause weird crease lines and it shouldn’t sweat off either. For my sensitive skin, this seemed like a perfect match!

The colours I was sent were “Sassy” and “Heavenly“.

Both beautifully bright colours however Sassy is from their shimmery range and Heavenly is from their matte range. I generally stay away from shimmery eyeshadows as I have pretty big eyes and I feel shimmer enhances them way too much but I would definitely be trying Heavenly on my eyes.

So what about Sassy? well, I decided not to use sassy as a shadow because I wanted to highlight just how versatile these mineral pigments are. I mean, yes you can use the pigmented powder the conventional way for eyeshadow (a quick tip is to dip your brush into water before you dip into the eyeshadow, the colour is a lot more intense and stays on longer too);
But it doesn’t just stop there, these eyeshadows are great for getting creative with.
By using water, you can also use the shadow in your waterline and wear it as an eyeliner, or if you’re a little bit more daring an eyebrow liner! The beige/pink shades can also be used as bronzers and blushers. That’s a lot of different uses right? but wait, there’s more! You can add the mineral powders to a clear lipgloss and use it on your lips for a long lasting pigmented lipgloss.
If you’re anything like me and completely in lust with the beautiful shades of shadows then you don’t even have to stop there. By dipping the pigments in clear nail varnish, you can also match your eyeshadow to your nails perfectly! That’s some serious coordination right there!

Now that I’ve covered just a few ways that you can use Younique’s Mineral Pigment Powders. Here’s how I used them.

The photo above was taken with just one layer of Pigment Powder on my nail

I apologise for the lack of a better photo. My camera decided to play up just as I finished with my pinky picture. I will redo a make up look as soon as I get  the problem sorted. 

So as you can (sort of) see from the left and right eye the difference it makes when you add a drop of water to your brush. The colour is magnificent and I also should point out that the shadows above were just one swoop across each eyelid. The eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented and so a little goes a long way!

All in all, I would say everyone needs Younique’s mineral pigment powders in their makeup tool kit. There is so much you can do with them and due to their high pigmentation they last over 8 hours without needing a touch up!
They have a range of beautiful shades that can easily be worn from day to night.

If you would like to get creative with these eyeshadows click here to make a purchase. As of this month, Younique products are available in the UK too!
If you have any further questions about the mascara or it’s application process, contact Nomadic nurse who is able to answer any questions that you may have.

Have you tried any of their eyeshadows?



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