6 Reasons Why You Need A Bullet Journal

Working full time is unbelievably draining, especially with the job that I do and the fact that I have a total commute time of up to 4 hours every day doesn’t exactly help. At one point I felt like my job was literally sucking the life out of me and most days I was feeling extremely low and out of energy. I couldn’t afford to quit my job completely so instead I’ve decided to take responsibility of my life and up my productivity levels. The first place to start would have to be by getting organised.

Now, I love lists. I spend hours making lists about lists in my notebooks, on old receipts, Starbucks napkins and even the back of my hand. When I first heard of the bullet journal, I’ll admit I didn’t get the fascination. I mean, I do this all anyway so what’s the big deal? Then one day whilst browsing Pinterest, as you do, I came across someone’s Bullet Journal inspiration board and before you know it I was hooked.

As of the 1st of April, I’ve officially started my ‘BuJo’ journey and to mark this auspicious occasion, I’ve come up with a list of 6 reasons why I’m loving already my Bullet Journal.

1. I loved the idea that all my endless lists could come together in one place. No more losing important dates and writing out the same list again and again. I usually end up writing out the same tasks repeatedly too. I can now so easily cut down on the unnecessary and up the productivity.

2. I am restricted by nothing other than my creativity. Initially the idea of no lines or numbers or any guidance on the page felt really daunting. How will I know where to write? How do I know if I’m doing the right thing? The answer is of course, that there is no right way. Everyone’s brain thinks differently and this tracking system should reflect your thoughts and goals in whichever form you find easiest to read. At the moment I’m using inspiration from bullet journal pictures I’ve seen on Pinterest but hopefully by the end of the month I’ll start developing my old style.

3. It gives me a chance to practice hand lettering. I have been wanting to learn modern calligraphy and hand lettering for such a long time now. Having looked at other people’s bullet journal’s I can see just how creative people are getting and this excites me so much! I don’t see myself joining a handwriting class any time soon, so what better way to practise cursive than to do it purposefully.

4. It’s pretty damn therapeutic, I’ve found that focusing in on my thoughts and bringing them to the forefront of my mind by writing them down is such a good way to de-clutter my headspace. The checking off of tasks and colouring in little squares is weirdly very satisfying too. I can see my journal time very quickly becoming my favourite time of the day as I self-reflect.

5. You don’t need any fancy tools to start one. You literally just need a notebook and a pen. Initially I was adamant that I’d get a proper book for it, you know the one with the dots, but after some thought I just knew it wouldn’t work for me. That’s what’s so great about it, there are no rules so instead I opted for a notebook with squares instead of dots or lines. Hello, memories of awful maths lessons !

6. It’s more than just a collection of to do lists. You’re able to track whatever it is that you’re trying to get on top of be it, your finances, weight loss or even sobriety. For me, my recent rollercoaster moods are becoming problematic. I find that they get in the way of productivity and I really want to be able to track my feelings in order to find patterns or triggers that I could address. Definitely intrigued to see how that works out for me.

So since today is my very first day, I haven’t got much to share with you all but as my pages are covered in tasks, goals and doodles, I hope to share them with you and hope you will show me yours too? Let me know what your thoughts are on Bullet Journals.

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