The Farmers Mistress Review

The Farmers Mistress is the epitome of cool. From the cheeky neon sign glowing the words “Naturally Naughty” right down to the details of the interiors, it is pure gentrification but I guess…in the best possible way. If that’s even possible? 

The Farmers Mistress
The Farmers Mistress

The menu comes attached with a polite notice on the front. They ask that people don’t sit on their laptops for more than an hour and recommend some office spaces to rent further down the road. I both love and loathe this idea. On one hand it can get really annoying when someone takes up a table with their laptop for hours on end, but at the same time not everyone can afford to rent an office space. 

Further in there were benches with stools where I presume you could sit and work? I could be mistaken though.

I was very impressed at the extensive menu, as I had noticed that most breakfast/brunch places have a limited menu that they stick to and have perfected. Farmers Mistress however were happy to do it all and by the looks of it, quite confidently. 

Veggie Mistress
The Farmers Mistress Review
The Farmers Mistress

Our order consisted of the Veggie Mistress – Breakfast hash cake, FM bloody mary beans, poached eggs, smashed avocado, wilted spinach, slow roasted tomatoes, roasted portobello mushrooms and sourdough toast. 

We also got the Farmers Fritters – Golden beetroot & goats cheese fritters, purple sprouting broccoli, poached egg and spinach pesto. 

I did also order an incredible iced peanut butter coffee and it has changed my life.

The Farmers Mistress

The food came out to use quickly and I want to say that it was faultless however my egg was hard boiled and not poached. The presentation and general taste was top notch. 

The service was lacking. Although the waitresses were polite, they just seemed uninterested and didn’t add to the dining experience. Perhaps it was just a bad day.

Price wise, I guess you could say the dishes are competitively priced considering it is Battersea/London. The portions are also a decent size so no complaints from me.

Overall the general vibe and food is fantastic. Definitely somewhere to go for a nice brunch with your mates.

Would I go back again? I would definitely go back for the Veggie mistress. In fact, the menu looked so extensive that I would go back and try everything! 

Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely. Just be warned that you won’t be able to sit and work from there.

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