Ootd: Sparkly Shoulders

Today was a typical lazy Sunday for me. I really couldn’t be bothered with my hair or makeup despite having family over. For a change, I did decide to wear something other than my usual Sunday attire a la Pj’s.

As I post more outfit posts, you’ll get to know that I love detail of any sort, especially embellishment. Today’s outfit was a very simple Zara dress with added shoulder detail.

Shoulder detail added on a Zara dress

  If you would like to have a go yourself at changing up an old or simple dress, a handy tip is to get some plain black material (felt works great) and sew or glue your detailing on to that first. It allows you to come up with a design that shows up so much more on the black background whilst at the same time doesn’t ruin your dress with holes, should you make a few mistakes.
If you want to work directly on your dress, chalk is a great way to outline your design and comes off easily without leaving any lasting marks.

Outfit of the day

The picture above shows the dress in it’s entirety. You will have to excuse my straggly hair, it’s in desperate need of a cut and condition! 

The elasticated waist cinches in the dress in the right place. Since the dress is baggy, it helps give it the shape it needs. If you’re pear shaped like I am, shoulder detailing is great for bringing the attention up to your top half and away from your wider areas.

What do you think of shoulder embellishment? Have you ever attempted DIY on your own clothes? 

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