5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

This week has been a great one. I can’t say anything significant has happened really but nothing terrible. I’m taking to noting down things that make me happy as a way of reflecting on the little things and demonstrating mindfulness. Here are 5 little things have made me smile throughout this week.

Harry potter notebook

1. Uber – I took my very first Uber ride on my own this week. I have serious anxieties about I completely forgot about a meeting on the other side of the borough and there was no way I would make it on public transport. Luckily I had already downloaded the Uber app and had a £10 off code so I was all prepared. I know I’m so late to the game but I was really pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. In fact, it made me really appreciate just how much technology has made our lives easier!

2. Harry Potter – So bae has very kindly booked for me to visit Harry Potter world on my birthday! SO much excite!! I got the dvd box set for Christmas so was really pleased that I’ve finally managed to get stuck into watching them all. What’s even nicer is that my sister bought me the HP notebook pictured above which even has a wand shaped pencil! How cool is that??

3. Strange encounters – This week, through work I met a man (let’s call him Neil) who works for a rehabilitation programme. I met him for a few hours and in that time I learnt that about 8 years ago he was working in the city on a 6 figure salary, got into drugs, became a real life gangster (think the Krays) and then had a wake up call and turned his whole life around. I love people who have stories to tell and I believe that everyone you encounter in your life even if it is for a very short time, comes into it for a reason. After I left to go home for the day, Neil really left an impression on me that you never know how you’re life is going to turn out. Things happen for a reason and you should always try and live in the moment, because who’s seen tomorrow?

4. Opportunities – After having a relatively quiet inbox, I’ve suddenly received a few amazing opportunities for a tiny blog like mine. They’ll be featured in the next two weeks so keep your eyes peeled but it definitely made me realise that regardless of how many blogs might be bigger and better than mine, hard work and dedication always pays off.

5. Bonding – My dad is away on holiday for the next month in India. Usually my mum and dad sit together and watch Indian television in the front room and  I do my own thing in the other room. Since he’s left, I’ve been keeping my mum company and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually really getting into Indian soaps! What’s made me happy though is that although my mum and I have an unspoken strong bond (neither of us are good at showing feelings) we’re both liking being in each other’s company and spending time together doing things. Spending more time together is definitely something I’ve wanted to do and I can see it’s really improving our relationship for the better. Big love to ‘Dame In This Dress’ aka mummy 🙂

What things have been making you happy this week?


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