NARS The Multiple Maui Review

It’s official, NARS is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands. I spent a good chunk of my shopping trip at the NARS counter last weekend browsing all of their different products. The one that intrigued me the most was The Multiple – a beautiful cream contour stick that can be used to highlight or accent the cheeks, lips or the eyes.

NARS The Multiple Maui Review

Now using the same product for more than one part of your face has always been seen as a no no. I suppose for hygiene reasons mostly, but also the fact that your lips are completely different to your eyelids, so how exactly would it even work? I was curious so I had to get my hands on the stuff. After swatching endlessly, I decided the colour I liked the most was Maui.

The cream stick comes in quite a large wind up tube with their signature matte black outer packaging. Maui is a rosey nude colour reminds me a lot of MAC Velvet Teddy, which is probably what drew me to it in the first place. On first impressions, the product looked as though it was going to be really thick in consistency so I wasn’t sure how it would blend.
Not going to lie, I did sniff the stick to see if it had any strong artificial smells but we’re all good, no weird smells there.

NARS The Multiple Maui Review

I was intrigued at how the stick was described by the sales assistant as a cream to power contour stick. I had no idea creams could turn into powders? I first tried using The Multiple using a blusher brush. In all honesty I found it quite difficult to judge how much I was getting on my brush and made a bit of a mess of the whole thing. After some experimentation I found that the best way to apply it to my cheeks was to actually use my (clean!) fingers.

I drew one straight line straight on to my cheek and then used the ring fingertip to blend it in. I was completely shocked at how well it blended in and the consistency wasn’t thick at all. The cream to powder reference finally made sense!

When trying the product on my lips I used a lip brush, again mostly for hygiene reasons. The tube is also too big/fat to fill my lips in properly with it anyway so I wouldn’t have been able to use it straight from the tube even if I wanted to. As I mentioned earlier the colour is a lot like velvet teddy, except it’s like a sheer version. My lips usually have no colour without makeup (seriously, they’re pretty much white/colourless) so on days where I want minimal, natural looking makeup this is ideal.

I don’t wear eyeshadow any more but I did give it a go on my eyes too. Once again the product comes out very sheer and on oily eyelids it’s a nightmare trying to get the colour to transfer on to them. Much frustration later, I tried priming my eyelids and it did work better but I wasn’t too impressed with how it looked on me. It’s not very pigmented for an impactful eye makeup look but if you like a subtle look this would definitely work. I suppose it’s not the best colour to be sporting on your eyes either so taking that into consideration too, it just wasn’t doing it for me.

NARS The Multiple Maui swatch
On all 3 (eyes, lips and cheeks) The multiple didn’t last very long, a maximum of about 3 hours before it needs some sort of attention or topping up. With makeup that’s lasting longer and longer and increasingly pigmented hitting the shelves, I can’t see The Multiple taking it off greatly but you’ve got to give it to NARS, it is an innovative idea. If I were to buy the product again, I’d definitely buy it in Cap Vert or Malaysia to use to contour my face. Using a cream to powder contour product sounds like a dream!

All in all, I haven’t made my mind up yet about this one. My gut tells me it has potential once I figure out the best way for it to work for me. I would most probably use it for my cheeks only as I loved how easily it blended and how the colour looked on my cheeks. Priced at £29, I think it’s worth the money for the amount you get and the fact that you have the option to use it on 3 different places.

Have you used a multipurpose beauty product before? 

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