Annika Nail Varnish by Edge Nails Review

This month I was introduced to Annika nail varnish by Edge nails. Just in time really as I’ve finally gone back to keeping my nails painted and looking pretty! They’ve released 30 stunning shades which promise exceptional durability, a high shine and a smooth glossy finish. Exactly what we all want from a good nail varnish, but do they deliver?

I usually prefer to wear nudes and lighter colours on a normal day but I specifically like to try the lighter shades when I’m reviewing nail polish brands because you really get to see just how good the formula is.

The four shades that I was sent were: Natural Beauty, Mellow Yellow, White Swan and Clean Slate.

Annika Nail Polish

The formula was fantastic, it wasn’t watery but not thick or gloopy either. Its spread very easily across my nails and dried in record time. With all the colours I was sent only one coat was needed to get full coverage on each nail but just for good measure I went with two coats. My nails felt like I’d got them done professionally and much stronger. I have been wearing Natural Beauty for nearly 3 weeks now and I am yet to have it chip. I’m not exaggerating here in the slightest! I do have another test that determines how good a polish is and every single other brand that I’ve previously ever worn has never survived it. It is of course, the shower test. By the time I take a second shower my nail varnish ends up chipping or cracking and I have to start all over, Annika nails however seem to have a super strengthening formula because I don’t even see any signs of cracking at all.

Annika Nail Polish Natural Beauty

I guess since Edge nails mainly supply to salons and professionals, I shouldn’t be so surprised at how great the nail varnish is. If you’re not a beauty therapist, fear not, because you can actually buy them online here. Priced at £4.20 they’re priced a little bit higher than what I usually pay but I have to say I was very very impressed. Natural beauty is my favourite colours by far and I’ll definitely be purchasing this again as soon as it runs out.

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