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Who ate all the pies? who ate all the pies? You…might have heard of this little hidden gem in the heart of east London and thought what’s that all about then? Well lucky for you (and me), this week I visited Pie Factory based in Whitechapel to see what all the fuss was about.

On appearance the “restaurant” is a cafe, not entirely sure why I expected it to be a little more glamourous but nonetheless there was nothing wrong with the layout. Although with a name like Pie Factory, my friend and I thought they would’ve gone with a factory theme but instead it was just a regular cafe. The decor consists of retro street signs along the walls and of course, your standard sign for Hogwarts, as you do; as well as the logo plastered on one side of the ‘cafe‘.

I’ll be honest and say the customer service was not the best, however it was busy and there was clearly a very difficult customer seated beside us so the staff were slightly disgruntled. With that being said, our food did arrive in good time and was hot. It was nice to see that the food was being freshly made in the back.

I ordered a chicken and mushroom pie with a side of spiced mash, roast vegetables and gravy. The spiced mash was just a lot of chillies cut up into the mash and boy was it spicy. I would probably stick to the normal mash if I were to visit again. The roast veggies however were amazing. All in all, the food was pretty good, not amazing or even out of this world but decent and for the price it was at, I wasn’t complaining. My whole meal cost me just under £5!

The meat is HMC approved aka properly halal-ed and they also have vegetarian options available.

I think it’s a brilliant concept and perhaps they should consider branching out with more stores and bring back the good old pie and mash cafe’s!

Address: 103 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JE
Phone:020 7375 0204

What’s your favourite kind of pie?



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  1. Lisa says:

    I walk past this place all the time and have never been in. Thanks for sharing this, really interesting.

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