That Lame Company: The Blogger Box Of Lame

This week started off horrendously. If you’ve been following me on twitter you’ll know all the awful things that have been going on with my Granddad being in hospital. I’ve been coming home from the hospital pretty much every day feeling so awful and helpless. Earlier this week though I came home to one of the best packages I’ve had in a long time that cheered me right up!

That Lame Company is a small start up run by Chloe and Charlie who are university students. I had always seen lots of tweets about how great the boxes they put together were but I had never really looked into them properly. I have to say I’ve always had a nose at what other people received and I always felt like I should’ve put in an order. It was only at the beginning of this month when I found out they were doing a blogger box of lame, that I knew I had get my butt into gear and put in an order for one.

The box arrived in great time and although I had an idea of what would be in the box, I didn’t expect there to be SO much stuff! Just look at all of the amazing stuff that you get:

That Lame Company

Each Blogger Box contains at least:
– 1 x A5 Wirebound Notebook
– 1 x A4 Blogger Mail Notepad
– 1 x A5 Notepad
– 1 x A6 Notepad
– 2 x A6 Art Prints
– 5 x Recipe Cards
– 5 x Snail Mail
– 2 x A5 Art Prints
– 2 x A5 Sticker Sheet
– 2 x Rose Gold Print
– 1 x Gold Print
– 1 x Gold Foil Pencil

and sweets. I’m sorry but any brand or business that send me free sweets & chocolates is always in my good books!

Getting Shit Done Pencil

What’s even more amazing is that they support small business’ on Etsy like themselves. Most of them I had never heard of but I’ve fallen in lust with every single one featured and will definitely be checking them out to make some more purchases. If you’re a fan of stationary then there is no doubt you’re going to love this box. The prints are all on really good card and of great quality and I love my gold foil pencil so much – it is so me!

Box Of Lame Note

Each box also gets a hand written note and I’m a huge sucker for personal touches so I thought that was really sweet too. To be honest, I’ve only ever previously ordered a box from a small business once before and it left a bad taste in my mouth, That Lame Company however have completely won me over. I’ve already started rearranging my room so that I can put up the rose gold foil prints and start surrounding myself with the positive affirmations.

As far as I’m aware they only release their boxes seasonally and they sell out super fast so you’ve got to be really really quick to get your hands on one.

To buy your box check out That Lame Company here [link removed as store is no longer open].

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