5 Things I’m Loving At This Week

This week has been pretty crappy. It has literally dragged and that’s even after I’ve been off sick with fever and flu for two days! Still, It’s given me a chance to take a step back and play catch up with things and I thought I’d share some stuff with you that I’m loving right now.

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1. How to get away with murder – Seriously, can someone else other than me please watch this? It is SO good. The series is a fast paced series about a group of law students and their professor. It’s so easy to get into and quite intense but honestly, give it a chance and you’ll be hooked! Then come and find me on twitter so we can discuss!

2. VSCO – Ok I know, I know I’m like a billion years late to the photo editing game but seriously I am addicted!! All thanks to Areeba whose blog I love, who introduced me to it. I’m liking it so much that I’m starting to forget about instagram completely. Whoops! I kinda wish I could go back and change the photos now. Here’s my VSCO grid, kinda bare atm but It’s going to get filled up very very quickly at the rate I’m going!

3. #GiveALifeJacket – TFL are doing a fantastic campaign where you can donate a coat or a jacket at select tube stations this month (11-13 November) to help someone get through this cold weather. There’s more info on where you can do this here.

4. Nars lipsticks – I’m in no way saying I’m over mac lipsticks. I still love my entire collection dearly but omg Nars lipsticks are something else! They’re so creamy and feel really high end, it’s a pity they’re so much more expensive too! Still, I’m so pleased with my three shades that I’ve managed to accumulate, yes I did say three *insert smug smile here* Reviews and swatches coming soon!

5. Christmas is coming! – Technically I don’t celebrate Christmas but I still love all the festivities and the run up to it. I watched the John Lewis ad and was a little underwhelmed, mostly because I didn’t get what it stood for. Once I realised that they teamed up with Age UK and are encouraging people to donate to such a good cause by buying from them, I’m fully behind them.

What things are you loving at the moment?


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