Throwback Thursday

Hello Sunshine
Never driven a car before so…should be a breeze!
“Dust, anybody? No? Dust.” – Marjory (Fat Fighters)
Family portrait with Bae
Selfie with Bae

Since It’s Day 9 of the blogging challenge and a Thursday, we all know what that means…yup, it’s Throwback Thursday!
Mid August, this year, I spent a week away in Marrakech and had an amazing time. As the days get shorter and weather gets colder back here in London, the holiday blues are seriously kicking in.

Now considering, I’m not particularly fond of animals, and I HATE extreme sports, it really is a wonder as to why one of my favourite days in Morroco was when I went quad biking and camel riding. In case you’re wondering, I was of course extremely graceful on my camel and not screaming my head off at all, nor did I crash my bike. Did I really say it was one of my favourite days???

My Outfit of That Day was a black cap sleeved chiffon button down blouse (Primark) which I loved (and lost 🙁 ) it’s so versatile and not to mention comfortable. The Harem trousers were from Forever 21, again so so comfortable and I loved the zip detailing on the ankles. I finished it off with my Topshop sunburst necklace that goes with almost anything!

Have you ever been to Morroco? Have you ever done quad biking or camel riding? How were your experiences? What do you think of my ootd?

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