The week where I sipped lattes on the beach

This week has been wonderful. Despite a setback of an unexpected onset of anxiety, I pushed through it and had an amazing week. This week I’m all about appreciating the little things and seeing the beauty in them. Just like this photo I took of actual sun rays. How beautiful does it look??

Damzel In This Dress

What I’m watching:
Orange Is The New Black – OK so I binge watched this whole series in less than two days. I tried really hard to ration it but what can I say, I have no self-restraint and I kinda missed my prison buddies.

****Spoiler alert (kinda)****

Ok so first of all where tf are half the characters? I mean I’m not toooo bothered about the newer characters that were introduced after season 2 but um..hello where is Maritza Ramos at? I really thought she would make a surprise appearance towards the end but nope.
Secondly can I just say Blanca, Lorna AND Taystee all deserved better. All of it was just…heartbreaking. TBH I really don’t know what’s left for them to say for next season. Maybe they should’ve just ended it here. Either way, it’s another whooooole year before we find out. Great.

What I’m eating:

CandyFloss Creperie
Candyfloss Creperie: I don’t really have decent photos or a fair experience to write up a whole post on it…yet. But I finally visited one of my newer, local dessert places and was pelassantly surprised! The aesthetics are ON POINT. I’m talking marble tables, pink walls and floral fixtures. Crepes were pretty good too!

Fredo’s: What’s this? I visited yet another local food joint? What is going on! The food was surprisingly good and the restaurant is great considering the location (Romford Road!)

Fredo's LDN

Both Fredo’s and Candyfloss Creperie serve halal food and I will definitely be returning to both.

What I’m wearing:
Since the weather has been unbelievably hot, I have been frantically searching old holiday clothes that might be suitable to wear to the office. I’ve also bought myself this yellow off the shoulder maxi that I’m loving. You may have seen it feature on my Instagram last week. It’s an exclusive (I think for Asos) because it’s definitely not on the Boohoo website. Get it whilst it lasts!

What I’m lusting after:
I’m really loving long flowing dresses at the moment. Not necessarily baggy, just beautiful flow silhouettes. I’m loving them all in different colours and prints. Here are my faves for this week:

What I’m LOL-ing at:




What else:
This week I’ve been lazing about on the coast. Camber Sands beach is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit. Post on that coming reeeaaal soon. I also went to a really interesting event by Pukka Herbs, they’re now releasing latte’s that are actually really nice. Watch this space on why they’re really good. I was supposed to get my yoga on at another event this Sunday but due to the weather it got postponed, definitely a sign that I’m not meant to exercise ha.

Camber Sands

This week I’m also pretty sick of gossip. Not just people who spread gossip but those who seek it out. I genuinely don’t care about other people’s business so why is everyone else so concerned? I’m totally cracking down on people bitching, it’s really negative and I don’t want it anywhere near me. Spreading lots of love and good vibes your way for the coming week x



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