How to (Subtly) Give Your Man a Dapper Style Makeover

Have you ever wanted to sneak into your man’s house in the middle of the night and replace all of his favorite clothing items with something a bit more dapper? If this clothing-centered ninja-esque mission sounds like something you’d like to do, we just may have a better idea.

Before you break out the black latex and grappling hooks in order to mimic your best catwoman impression, you may want to try something a bit more subtle.

We suggest a subtle makeover that takes place over time. Instead of throwing away everything he has ever loved and pushing your own personal style onto him, it is important that you take the time to figure out his individual look. Not only will this help him to become more receptive to the change, but it will help you to know what battles are worth fighting and which are better left untouched.

If he absolutely loves that Jimmy Buffett style Hawaiian shirt that he wore to a barbecue once, don’t force him to throw it away. Instead, follow these tips so he will willingly change his look one shirt at a time.


Be patient.

The first and most important rule is that you must be patient. Forcing your way into his wardrobe will not only cause him to eventually feel resentful towards you, but he will become resentful to the entire makeover process.

Instead, you must allow yourself to be patient and go into this knowing that it will not be an overnight change. It also will not be a perfect change. You will probably become frustrated and things will grow tedious, but you must not pressure or rush him.


Encourage him with positive reinforcement.

No one likes a nag. If you go into this makeover with the idea that you are going to complain your way into changing him, you will not succeed. He needs someone who is going to compliment him when he does something right. Tell him how great he looks when he wears an outfit that you approve of.

Not only will he begin correlate that outfit with your approval, but he will also start to feel more confident in his own skin. Everyone likes being told that they look good and men are no different in that area. Stroke his ego a bit and feed into it when he wears something exceptional. Chances are that he’ll start wearing it around you more often simply because he knows you like it.

Don’t go crazy with his credit card.

If he does trust you enough to start shopping for him at some point, you do not want to spend all of his money on an expensive pair of designer shoes. Not only will he resent the shoes (and you), but he will begin to believe that fashion comes at a price that he may not be willing to spend.

Instead, offer him some affordable options. I suggest starting off by gifting him something cheap and fashionable from a place like Forever 21. From there, point out just how cheap the outfit was and how amazing it looks on him. When he realizes that he can look that good for such a small amount of money, he won’t ever look back.

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