Binge-worthy TV Shows That You Need To Watch

The evenings are getting darker earlier and there’s a distinct Autumn chill in the air. My absolute favourite time of the year. Time to pull out the hoodies, blankets and cups of cocoa so I can get comfy in front of my laptop whilst in bed. Not ideal really but I’m saving up to get the Ultra HD TV Panasonic so I can share and stream directly from my devices.

Still, not having a proper tv isn’t stopping me this Autumn! I’m the type of person who rarely watch tv shows during summer but as soon as Autumn kicks in, I’m obsessed! I’ve rounded up a list of binge-worthy shows that you need to get watching!

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Dr Foster:
Although Season 1 (now on Netflix) only has 5 episodes, this intense British drama will have you on the edge of your seat with baited breath the whole time. Doctor Gemma Foster who is happily married to property developer Simon, suspects her husband of having an affair after finding a lone blonde hair on his scarf. A gripping story of a marriage and deceit which will leave you wanting to throw something at your screen through the whole thing!

Shahs of Sunset:
What’s binge watching without trash TV, eh? I discovered Shahs last winter when I subscribed to HayU and ran out of KUWTK episodes to watch. There’s something so cringe and yet so satisfying about reality TV, especially when the culture is similar to your own. The show follows the lives of a group of immigrant Persians who grew up in Beverly Hills. If I’m honest, I can’t stand any of the people on the show and yet I kind of want to know more about them. Is that weird? Plust if you’re a beauty blogger or are familair with the isntagram hastag #ghalichiglam then you’ll be as shocked as me to see founder Lily Ghalichi on the show too!

Season 5 of Orange is the new black has been out since June this year and since it was Ramadan, and I gave up watching TV for a month, I didn’t get round to watching it until now. Anyhooz, if you’re wondering whether it’s any good, let’s just say I finished watching this season in two days yet again and my goodness I need to know what’s happening next! I LOVE the way the show is written and how much of it mirrors real life issues.. I love how raw the whole show is and especially how every single actor is so so talented. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll probably even consider committing a minor crime so you can experience prison life.

The Crown:
I must admit, I was a little bit iffy about watching this show. I’m not the biggest fan of period drama/shows so I was hesitant but actually it surprised me. The show follows a young Queen Elizabeth in her early days as queen as she tries to figure out how to rule. Fun fact: The Crown is reportedly Netflix’s most expensive series ever, and it definitely shows! I like that monarchy isn’t romanticised and it might have changed my views on the monarchy a little bit too!

Stranger Things:
I loved this tribute to 1980s sci fi and fantasy where a group of kids investigate mysterious goings-on in their hometown. The cast is absurdly talented, with a standout performance from Winona Ryder as a missing boy’s frantic mother. The show is easy watching that keeps you gripped throughout and you can’t help but fall in love with each member of the cast. Season 2 is out in October so if you haven’t already, I’d get on to this!

Black Mirror:
I was pretty late to watching Black Mirror, mostly because I thought it was some kind of sci-fi horror show and although technically, it’s not far from being just that, I’m gutted I hadn’t watched it sooner. It’s so difficult to explain what the show is about but if I had to sum it up it shows a dark reflection of what society could become if we continue to misuse technology. Dystopian fantasy at it’s finest!


What have you you been binge-watching?

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