The #ReworkedWardrobe Challenge With George

If like me you live in the wonderful UK, you’ll know just how confused the weatherman has been recently. Winter is in full swing and for some reason the weather is still quite warm, but hey I’m not complaining! The lack of icy winds and torrential rain has meant that I’ve been really reluctant to purchase winter wear and instead I’ve been reworking my summer dresses to work with this transitional weather.

Today I’m reworking this extremely versatile shift suedette dress by George. If you’re a regular reader you’ll be thinking what?? is this you wearing brown? but honestly I love how this dress looks. Summer was all about sleeveless shift dresses with a fedora for me, and this one worked brilliantly. Since this is the first brown item of clothing I’ve possible ever worn, I’m not so sure I’m ready to let it go just yet so I’ve taken up George’s challenge to rework it for the colder months.

Let’s talk a little bit about the dress itself first. The quality is fantastic, having never really shopped with George before I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the look and feel of the dress was.The finishing is great and I love that it has two pockets at the front. Usually I avoid things with pockets or embellishments near my hip area because of my pear shaped figure but these pockets are barely noticeable, not to mention pretty handy!

Asda are selling these amazing embellished collars that are fantastic for revamping any round necked summer dress. All I have to do is pop one on under my dress and voila, my very casual summer dress has now become a smart casual one that I can wear at the office or on an evening out.

I decided to rework this dress with a black turtle neck for todays challenge. Yep that’s me breaking yet another one of my fashion faux pax – mixing black with brown. All I can say is why haven’t I dont this sooner? The outfit looks super cute I’ve finished it off with thick black tights, to keep me nice and toastie and my trusty tapestry boots.

I’ve had so much fun reworking this dress that I even tried wearing a denim shirt under it. Dressing the dress (geddit?) up with either a leather jacket or a fur coat both look amazing but since it’s been so warm I’ve opted to wear it out with this amazing block colour cardigan by George. I ordered a size up (medium) so that it was oversized on purpose. Is there anything that this dress can’t be teamed up with?? I’m thinking even a feather boa would make this shift dress look pretty sassy.

How do you transition your summer clothes into winter? 


*The clothes in this post were gifted to me by George.

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