The Homeless Period

I’ve been thinking so much recently about the homeless. How awful it must be to have nowhere to go, especially with the freezing temperatures in the winter. I can’t begin to imagine how it must feel but as I’m sitting here in my comfortable bed curled up in pain from period cramps, an even worse thought crossed my mind. How awful must it be to be homeless and on your period.

I looked up what women actually do when they’re in this situation and if I’m honest, it upset me so much that women have to resort to stealing sanitary towels, bunching up tissues from Mcdonalds or even having to use old clothes to keep themselves clean. I’m appalled at how the government have failed to acknowledge this in the same way that they are able to fund free condoms. Getting your period isn’t a choice and definitely not a luxury!

I did some research to find out what I could do to help and came across The Homeless Period project, a campaign started by Oliver Frost, Josie Shedden and Sara Bakhaty. The aim was to raise awareness about the awful issue that sanitary products are not available for those that are most in need. They even started a petition to present to the government to lobby for funding for better sanitary care. Since the tampon tax was introduced last year, this is needed now more than ever. They have yet to meet their target so please do sign the petition if you can.

One of my aims this year was to help out at a number of different charities and causes and I think this campaign is going to kick start my resolution. Since I work for a refuge, I know first hand that the one thing we barely get donated is sanitary towels and tampons. I’d love it if you are either able to donate tampons to your local homeless shelter, refuge or food bank or even send them to me directly and I’ll make sure they get distributed to a shelter.

I’ve also started a very small fundraiser on GoFundMe where I’m aiming to reach £100 and collect sanitary towels and tampons such as Lil-lets to distribute.
I’ve just calculated that I can buy 26 sanitary towels on Amazon for just £1, so if we reach £100, we could potentially be helping up to 100 women. It’s a small way to help someone feel better in an unfortunate situation. Please donate to my campaign here.

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  1. Lara says:

    OMG yes, this is such a huge problem. At my uni they’ve organized donation drives for sanitary products a few times.

    Here in Australia, there’s a tampon company that has information about domestic violence and how to seek help, inside the tampon box itself so that an abuser can’t see it; most homeless women are homeless directly because of a relationship of domestic violence, and the people who run the tampon company came up with this idea after talking to a woman living in a woman’s refuge and discussing with her better ways that society could communicate about domestic violence to victims. I thought that was a brilliant idea, really innovative!

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