The Ordinary Foundation Review Shade 2.0 YG

The coverage foundation by The Ordinary has had a lot of hype around it. Full coverage for half of the price? How dare they?? Could it be as good as other high end brands? Time for me to find out!

So to preface I’ve had and been using this foundation on and off for about 6 months. I am coming to the end of it now and thought I would let you know my thoughts on whether it’s worth picking up.

The foundation first drew me in not only because The Ordinary was all of the rage but also because it has 4 different undertones to choose from – Yellow, Pink, Red and Neutral so in theory there should be a colour that suits your complexion perfectly. 

My best friend has a red undertone and has never been able to find a foundation that works for her until this came along so I was sold! 

I went along to the Shoreditch flagship store and I was surprised at how relaxed the place was. There weren’t any ‘makeup artists’ on hand to help you colour match and the sales assistants pretty much left you to it. I for one love this experience. The lady behind the counter was actually really helpful in letting us take a mirror outside whilst I was walking around deciding on a colour. 

Although these foundations are relatively cheap (in comparison to other brands) I didn’t want to buy more than one. I was determined that the perfect match for me would exist. 

The Ordinary Foundation 2.0 YG

In the end I bought 2.0 YG. I’m not sure why I chose this shade tbh because I wouldn’t necessarily count myself as yellow or golden. When I got home I realised that the foundation is actually a tiny bit too much on the yellow side for me. I could still make it work though so I continued to wear it.

Will this shade suit me?

This shade would suit someone who is between NC25-NC30 in MAC studio fix fluid. It is true to it’s shade in that it does have serious yellow-golden undertones. I’ve swatched it (photos below) once as a general swatch but also on the right over blue veins so you can see the coverage. I personally didn’t think that this foundation was full coverage. It is pigmented but it just doesn’t cover marks and blemishes really well. If you have relatively clear skin though, this would be perfect for you.

Since I had already bought and used the product now I thought I would continue using it anyway. 

The consistency of the foundation is quite watery for a full coverage product. It is however easy to blend and work into the skin but without primer/concealer it wasn’t covering my marks as much as I had hoped.

For me this foundation is a medium coverage at best. It could probably be worked up to full coverage with a few layers but ain’t nobody got time for that. 

The reason why it’s actually taken me so long to write this review is because this foundation often gets forgotten about. I will use it as a day to day (work days) foundation but if my eye catches something else it will get moved to the back of my stash.

It has a semi-matte finish which is the perfect kind. I do like the light weight consistency too but my skin wasn’t ready for a medium cover foundation just yet.

Is it long lasting?

At the end of long days, (by the time I’m home from my 8 hour day and two hour commute) it’s still on but I could do with a serious touch up. If you’re someone who touches your face a lot this is not going to last on you. 

Expect to carry the foundation or powder around with you because touch ups are necessary. 

I also found that it ended up clinging a little bit to any dry areas and kind of just sitting on top of my skin. For someone with combination skin, this foundation isn’t one I would recommend to you.

Is it worth buying?

With all things considered, for the price you really can’t go wrong, can you? Or can you?
Well, £5.90 for a bottle means you could probably buy 4 bottles for the price of 1 premium foundation and not to mention The Ordinary probably has a better shade range too. HOWEVER no matter how cheap the price is, if it isn’t doing the job then is it really worth it? 

Would I recommend this? Only for work/day to day wear and for those with relatively clear normal (skin type) skin. 

Would I purchase this again? I don’t think it looks too great on my combination skin and doesn’t last as long as I would need it to so it’s a no from me.

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