H&M Face Mask Pods Review

I ended this week with a much needed spending spree on Oxford Street. I’m trying to hold out on buying clothes at the moment because in all the shops it’s just “seasonal transition stock”, in other words just basic jumpers and wooly essentials, as opposed to the actual seasonal trends. So as I walked around the flagship H&M store, admittedly slightly disappointed with the clothing range, I stumbled into their beauty section and something caught my eye – H&M face masks!

Usually I walk straight past this area, despite having heard lots of great things, it just takes me forever to try out new stuff. I’m fussy and I like to read reviews before I spend money on products, even if it means me frantically googling reviews in the queue just before I pay. I just hadn’t heard or read enough reviews to give anything a go so I always gave it a miss.

H&M Face Mask Pods Review

This week was different though, as soon as I saw all the rows and rows of coloured pods, I fell in lust! Each of the pods contain different ingredients that target different types of skin concerns. Blemishes? dry skin? tired skin? They got you covered.

Initially I started looking at the peel off masks, because I’m a lazy so and so and it would be so convenient, but then I realised it would probably be a better idea to get face masks that would actually benefit my skin instead of feeding my lazy habits!

Priced at just £1.99 these are an absolute bargain. The peel off lid is great because if you don’t yank the whole thing off you can seal it up again to use the rest for later. There’s definitely enough for two uses in all the pods. I tried not to get too carried away and decided to buy three different ‘flavours’ for now – not sure that’s the right term, but we’re going to go with it!

The three face masks I opted for were:

H&M Pomegranate and Mango Face Mask

I decided on those three because as I’m getting older, my main skin concerns are dull, tired looking skin which often breaks out. I generally don’t get all three concerns in one go so I was excited to try them out as and when I felt I needed a little helping hand.

The first one I tried out was the Charcoal and Volcanic Soil. As expected it was dark grey in colour and was smooth in texture. The consistency of the mask wasn’t very thick and it spread across my face really easily. I was slightly disappointed that the pods weren’t filled to the top with product but as I mentioned earlier you can still get two uses out of them. Once the mask was on and starting to dry, it gave a cooling sensation which I really liked.

I found it slightly odd that there were no instructions to the masks so I guesstimated decided I’d wait 15 mins max before washing it off. By about the 15 minute mark the mask had dried completely so it was definitely time to wash it off. To my surprise the mask washed off really easily and I didn’t have to stand there scrubbing for ages, I was even happier that the mask left my skin feeling very smooth and not at all dry. The cooling sensation lasted even after I washed it off but there was no tingling or tightness to my skin. Overall it’s a huge thumbs up from me.

Since I only just bought the face mask pods last week, I haven’t yet had a chance to try all 3 but I will update this post once I have given them all a go. I have to say though, if they’re anything like the Charcoal and Volcanic Soil one, I’m going to be a very happy bunny and will probably be buying H&M out!

Update: The Pomegranate and Mango mask for tired skin is just as amazing. As you can probably guess just by the name it smells divine! I had to stop myself from eating it. It left my skin feeling refreshed and slightly brighter which I really liked. I’m keen to try this one again on a day when I’m feeling a little run down and my skin feels a little lacklustre.

Have you tried these awesome face masks?



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