Stuff I’m Loving Lately: So Cosmo, Insta and Denim

Alright, so my scheduled ‘comeback’ didn’t quite happen. I’m not sure why but something feels a little bit…off. I use my Twitter platform to stay connected with lots of other bloggers and signing back in properly after a month feels all weird. Some of my fave bloggers have deactivated, some are taking an indefinite hiatus and other’s are saying they don’t feel like they fit in any more. If I’m honest, I’m kind of getting the same vibes. Still, for someone who has a very very short attention span, I’ve never stuck to something for this long (7.5 years!) and I’m not about to give up on it now. I have come to a decision though and I’ve decided to be less ‘editorial’ and more real/diary-esque, because that’s what I always enjoy, having a sneak peak into other people’s lives. Not that mine is at all interesting, but hey, you’re here reading this so it can’t be all bad!

Zara Stripy Floral Shirt

So now that I’m getting into the swing of normality after recent events, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I’ve been loving lately..

  1. Don’t fall off the bridge – I’m not a gamer. I generally do not download games on to my phone at all, because a. I’m very very competitive and it can get ugly and b. I don’t do losing. This game however had got everyone in my family (and now my friends) hooked! I can’t seem to get past my score of 67 but others are on 400. It’s so so frustrating but I love it!
  2. Inglot liquid lipsticks – These babies aren’t a recent discovery but after a recent inglot haul, I rekindled my love for them and I have to say they’re really very good. They’re matte but not at all drying and very very pigmented. They don’t crumble or peel off over the course of the day and they’re completely touch proof.
  3. Prawn cocktail crisps sandwiches – I didn’t realise how few people know about how delicious prawn cocktail (Walkers) crisps sandwiches are. Please tell me you’ve tasted one?
  4. Instagram – I know, I know, the algorithm screwed us all over big time and growth is near impossible at the moment, but there’s something about it being such a challenge and results paying off that makes it kinda rewarding.
  5. Oversized denim jackets – I’ve always loved denim jackets (on other people) but I’ve never been sure about how good they look on me. I always thought the stiff structure of the jacket made me look broader then I am so I’ve stayed away, this season though I’ve finally purchased an oversized one which looks wayy better on me. Can’t wait til the weather warms up now!
  6. So Cosmo – I finally ditched Netflix for HayU because – Kardashians. However, it’s actually something else that I’m loving. So Cosmo follows the drama that takes place in the office of Cosmopolitan magazine in New York and I am hooked! Currently there’s only 5 episodes that have aired but so far I’m loving it!
How have you all been? And what have you been loving this past month?
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