Givenchy vs Kurt Geiger: Curb chain boots

I’m piloting a brand new section to my blog today. Welcome to Style Steals!

As much as I do understand that ‘high end’ and designer will always exist, I do feel that a lot of it is excessive and unnecessary, by that of course I mean the price tags!

So this section will help you look amazing for (hopefully less than!) half the budget!

Today’s Style steal is a dupe of the beautiful Givenchy Curb boots. They’re available at Barneys for approximately £950! The sleek androgynous boot adds an instant edge and class to pretty much any outfit!

What’s that I hear you say? They’re so beautiful and you have to have them?! Well worry not, because the fashion fairy has heard you and now you can. For a fraction of the price.

Kurt Geiger has bought out an almost identical pair of ‘Strike’ boots for only £160.

They are available in stores and online.

What do you think of the boots? Would you spend £950 on them? Can you even tell the difference?

Love R x

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