The Body Shop Oils Of Life Eye Cream Gel Review

I’m still on the lookout for something that will diminish my dark circles without me having to undergo any kind of cosmetic procedure and one product that I had heard rave reviews on was the The Body Shop’s Oils Of Life Eye Cream Gel.

Formulated with caffeine, oleic acid and black cumin seed oil, this cream/gel is said to help reduce signs of aging around the eyes. Most of the eye/dark circle related products on the market have some sort of caffeine in it but the ingredient that had me most intrigued was Black seed oil. If you’re from the middle east or an Asian background you’ll more than likely have heard of how great it is and how many different uses this miracle worker of a product has. Generally I don’t frequent The Body Shop much but I made a special trip just for this eye cream.

On first impression I loved the packaging. the entire Oils of life range comes in an orange tub with a black screw cap. There’s also a lid in between so that the product doesn’t spread all over the place. It looks a little bit more luxe than some of the previous packaging I’ve seen on other products. I know that lots of people do say that tubs are really unhygeinic but on small tubs like this it doesn’t bother me, plus my hands are always sanitized when touching my eyes.

The gel itself isn’t completely clear, it actually has minute shimmery particles called  micro-pearls that you won’t feel or see on applying but it illuminates the eye area. For me, I use this as a night cream so the illuminating aspect is wasted on me plus I don’t really want to be drawing attention to my dark circles.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the tub up was the scent because it’s quite unusual, it has a spicy fragrance but definitely not one to dislike. It’s actually grown on me because of how different it is to the usual florally scents that products have.

As soon as I put the eye cream to my face, I loved how it melts into the skin so easily and keeps the area moisturised and hydrated without being oily. It is very lightweight and does not feel sticky at all.

Despite how dry my skin can get, I really dislike thick, heavy textures on my face. I was really pleasantly surprised at how light the consistency was and so you definitely need very little product each time you use it.

As soon as it’s on, it instantly gives a cooling effect on the eyes and feels so good after a long day. Definitely no stinging or irritation on my sensitive skin. Priced at £20 for 20ml, this product is an absolute bargain. It will probably last you the entire year because a little really does go a long way.

Other than the ingredients, the other other thing that really drew me into purchasing this product was the statistics that are clearly printed on the box:
  • Eye contour looks smoother – 100%*
  • Radiance appears revived – 96% agree*
  • Dark circles appear faded – 90% agree*
  • Wrinkles appear smoother – 87% agree**
  • *Results of Eye-Cream Gel self-assessments on the eye contour – 50 women
  • ** Results of Eye-Cream Gel self-assessments on the eye contour – 100 women

Let’s face it, those are some pretty high statistics. That paired with the fact that The Body Shop is an ethical brand that wouldn’t just throw statistics like this around, had convinced me that this was a product that I had to try. I’ll be perfectly honest, so far I haven’t yet seen any results at two weeks into using the product. I have been getting less sleep than usual and not been on top of my water intake game so I guess that all plays a part. I will continue to use the product and see how I get on. So far though, I am really enjoying using the product and I’m really hopeful that it will yield some pretty good results!

What’s your favourite eye cream?

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