Self Care During Ramadan

The last few days building up to the start of Ramadan have been filled with both excitement and anxiety. I love the idea of having a chance to better myself physically, mentally and spiritually but there’s one thing that’s been on my mind quite a bit. 

self care in ramadan

As much as it is a month of deep self reflection and often you can only do this when you’re on you’re own, I still find it quite isolating at times and often my self care is neglected.

I know that it is not impossible to go out and continue with my daily life whilst fasting but I do find that for me personally, every day tasks are 10 times harder. 

Aside from the obvious intentions of fasting and making an effort to pray more, I like to set goals for myself for the spiritual month of Ramadan. Ones that will better me as a person and my quest to “live more purposefully”. 

Early starts: 

I struggle with sleep as it is and when you throw Suhoor in the mix, I’m an actual mess by the end of the month. This year, rather than just willing myself to power through the whole month I want to make some changes. 

I want to be up earlier and use my time productively. Napping will have to be major key where and where possible. I haven’t quite figured out the timings yet but I’m going to be more efficient with sleeping. 


Sooo I know it’s a bit of a taboo thing, but we all think it. Everyone wants to lose that weight that they haven’t quite shifted since the beginning of the year. I hate the gym and struggle with sticking to it but I’ve decided that I will try and do half an hour of vigourus exercise right before I break my fast.

I feel like this is the only time of year I will be able to limit my food intake (lol) and exercise more than I’m consuming. 


If you watch my IG story you’ll have noticed that I’ve rekindled my love affair with skincare. I know I will be extremely dehydrated by the end of the month because I struggle to drink enough water on a normal day. So I really want to keep on top of my skincare and ensure I’m hydrated.


I am Indian so unfortunately a lot of my food intake is friend stuff (does air fried count?). In general it’s just not very healthy so I’ve bought myself a months supply of vitamins. The Beauty and the bear ones specifically. I’m not fussed about my hair growing longer, I just want to feel better. I have a B12 and folic acid deficiency so this should help me perk up.


More specifically, indulging in things for myself, that make me happy. On the days that I’m not fasting I’m hoping to treat myself to LVL and maybe even a facial. It’s something I’m going to make a conscious effort to do. 

I realise that some people will read this post and take it in different ways but I want to stress that although it’s a month of bettering yourself, it’s also important to look after yourself.

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