New Years resolutions

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to have any resolutions this year. I always associate resolutions with unrealistic ideals that people want for themselves but aren’t really willing to work towards. This year I’ve decided to document my goals and progress towards it. Rather than picking just one or 3 which seems to be the norm, I’ve done 8, ranging from selfish ones to selfless. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have achieved most, if not all of them!

My resolutions for 2015:

1. Be healthier – This includes, regularly attending the gym, healthier food options and just generally not pigging out like my food supply is about to run out.

Actions: Join the gym 
– sort out a regular timetable where I actually attend. 

2. Learn to Drive – I think I’ve put this off for long enough and it’s probably about time to face my fears.

Actions: Book my theory test…and pass it!

3. Learn something new everyday – As much as I love the fact that I’ve settled into my 9-5 grown up persons routine, I’ve been feeling like I’m not mentally challenging myself enough as of late so I’m going to make a conscious effort to educate myself and learn something new and interesting every day.

Actions: I’ve already started yesterday with learning a new word – Incunabula. This is the incunabula of something amazing.

4. One selfless act a month – This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. As much as I’d like to do one thing every day, it’s difficult. As nice as it is, giving up your seat on the tube doesn’t give me the sense of satisfaction that I’m giving back to those in need. Ideally I want to start off with doing something for the homeless. It must be so difficult for people without a roof over their head in the winter months.

Actions: To look into this and to just do it!

5.  Read more – Once upon a time I loved to read. Now, I just can’t seem to finish a book. I’ve just seen a lovely infograph (if you’re a blogger, I feel I must point out that it’s not one of those infographs) on They’ve colour coded it beautifully and have even put the books in seasonal order. 

Actions: To download to this infograph
– Download books on to my kindle.
Read The Jewel

6. Take my blog more seriously – Technically I’ve been blogging since 2009, however I’ve only really found my passion for it and stuck to it as of last year. I’ve had some great opportunities so far and got some really exciting stuff lined up for it this coming year. Ideally, I’d love to become established and have a solid, interactive readership.

Actions – Be a host

– attend blogger events

– network some more

– make some blogger friends

7. Learn to use my SLR – I’ve had an SLR for years now and have always had a keen interest in Photography, however I’ve never actually learnt to use my camera properly. I know that manual settings will really help my blog photos.

Actions: Find and enrol on a photography course  10.01.2014

– Start the course

8. Be happy 🙂 – This year I’m going to make a real effort to make the best of every situation and be happy!

I like to think they’re all realistic and achievable. I’ll probably end up adding to this list as the year goes on, rather than taking things away. I realise I’ve not put any real personal life goals or even career goals, that’s mostly because I’m happy with where I’m at at the moment, I’ve learnt to take each day as it comes and no matter what hurdles you have to leap over, things usually fall into place.

What are your resolutions for this year?

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  1. Megan B says:

    Lovely post! it's nice to have new goals to hopefully achieve!

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