New Years Goals and Life Mantras

A very late but heartfelt Happy New Year to you all! After a week or (or three) off making the most of the festivities (and being run down with Norovirus) I’m back on form and can’t wait to get started on some of the things I have planned for Damzel In This Dress! Today though I’m feeling reflective and I want to set the ground work for the year I’d like to have. Whether i’ll stick to any of these…welllll that’s another story.

I’m usually not one for resolutions because I never really stick to them after the first week but this year I’ve decided to come up with some ‘goals’ instead. Realistic things I’d like to achieve and hopefully I’ll check in with myself every month to see how well I’m coming along. I thought I’d struggle to come up with just 3 but in the end I came up with a list of 10!

MAMBI Bullet Journal

So what am I hoping to achieve throughout 2017?

  1. Sleep and Wake better – Throughout 2016 my sleep pattern was horrendous. I wasn’t sleeping well and I’d stay up late only to really really struggle to get up for work the next morning. I did try and do the miracle mornings regime of waking up at 5am but that didn’t quite happen either. Instead I’m going to be realistic and start off gradually waking up earlier each day. I’m hoping if I sleep better it will make waking up a whole lot easier too.
  2. Exercise more – I’m going to level with you, I barely exercise. I just don’t enjoy it and I don’t think I ever will. Those endorphins that people talk about, I don’t get those. I get the opposite! Still, I’m not getting any younger and so I’m going to try and do short and simple exercises and fingers crossed I’m hoping to take up pilates or yoga.
  3. Up my water intake – It really never occurred to me how little water I drink. I mean I know I just don’t like the taste and don’t enjoy drinking it but towards the end of the last year my water intake has been abysmal! I want to stay looking youthful and since hydration is key, I’m going to really really give this a go. I’ve downloaded the ‘Waterbalance’ app which has really helped. You input your height and weight and fill your body up as you go through the day.
  4. Read one book every month – I’m really not sure what happened to me in 2016. Once upon a time reading was something I loved to do but last year I think I read just one book! I’m going to try and get back on this to keep my mind a little more active. For January I’m already on track and have started Sarah Knight’s ‘The life changing magic of not giving a f**k’. Send me book recs though, I have 11 more to go this year!
  5. Be more spiritual – Be it praying or meditating, I find that when I’m regularly taking time out it gives me focus and a feeling of content that can’t be replicated. This year I’m hoping to get back on to this and not get side tracked.
  6. Do something charitable – Last year I felt so strongly about homeless people being out in the cold, in particular women who are homeless and have their periods without proper sanitation. I raised £150 (thank you all who donated) and bought sanitary products to distribute to women in need. It felt so good to give back and help those in need and I definitely want to keep at it.
  7. Be grateful – I’ve started a gratitude journal as of the 1st of Jan and I’m loving it so far. It’s giving me a chance to reflect on meaningful things.
  8. Be more organised – For this I’ve started a bullet journal (again) and will be starting a new blog series too so stay tuned for more on this.
  9. Learn something new – Is it weird that I miss learning? Now that I’ve been in my current job for a while I can do things with my eyes closed and as great as that is, I miss learning new things. I’ve decided to try and complete my advanced diploma in Digital Marketing and even earn a skill or two like calligraphy or sewing. Exciting stuff!
  10. Get a new job – I have been wanting a new job for the past year and in the process of weighing up the pros and cons and feeling some sort of loyalty to the organisation I work for I’ve stuck it out for another year. Not the year though, I’m hoping to be a little bit more proactive and who knows what opportunities will come my way.
Overall I’ve decided my life motto for 2017 will be ‘Do good and be good’. It’s so simple that even children can grasp the concept. Time to spread some love <3
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