NARS Afghan Red Lipstick Review

I’m a MAC girl through and through but with so many great brands out there I thought it was about time I experimented a little bit. Besides, since one of my resolutions for this year is to break out of my comfort zone, why not extend this to lipsticks too.

This month I decided to give NARS a go. I’ve always heard great things about the brand but found very few reviews online about whether their lipsticks are worth the premium price. I decided to purchase the satin lipstick in Afghan red to add to my collection and judge for myself. Afghan Red is a beautiful deep berry hue that is described on their website as a “garnet” colour.

The first thing I noticed about the lipstick was that it looked quite a bit smaller in size/length in comparison to most other lipsticks I’ve used. I must admit I did have to google the size difference between MAC and NARS lipsticks. It turns out NARS is 0.4g actually heavier than MAC, which in all honesty, it really doesn’t feel that way.

The packaging is the standard matte black casing which I love. It’s easy to open up and is very lightweight. Great if you carry around 5 different shades in your handbag like I do! As soon as I opened it up, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful the colour was.

Once I tried it on however, I had mixed feelings. The colour is pigmented but not as pigmented as I had thought it would be and when it was worn on my lips, it wasn’t as dark as I had imagined it to come out; nonetheless it’s still a pretty shade.

It glides on to my lips effortlessly so there’s absolutely no dragging or pulling.  In fact I was really surprised at the creamy consistency of the lipstick. The lipstick is advertised as being moisturising, and to be honest I did find that it doesn’t dry out my lips at all. I do like the slight sheen it gives to my lips too.

On average the lipstick lasts about 5 hours, if I’m not eating or drinking much. I have no problems with removing it and it doesn’t leave a stain on my lips – no need for scrubbing until my lips are sore!

I didn’t find that the lipstick was sticky in any way, nor did it feel uncomfortable on. Despite it being a dark shade, when worn without a lipliner, I experienced absolutely no feathering or bleeding.

I’m generally quite weird about how lipsticks smell and I was pleased to find that this one is completely fragrance free.

Since this is the first NARS lipstick I’ve tried, I am quite pleased with it and would definitely be interested in trying out some more shades. It’s more sheer than I would like it to be but this makes it easier for me to wear a darker shade on an every day basis.

What are your favourite NARS products?


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