Nails Inc The Southbank Review

For a long time now I’ve fallen out of love with doing my nails. Once upon a time, I would never be seen without painted nails and nowI just don’t have the time or patience any more. This weekend I decided to take it easy and have a bit of a pamper session so I pulled out my stash of nail polish’s. Out of all the vibrant and unusual shades that I own, I quickly found the one colour that I’m really loving this month. Yep, it’s a pale grey. Nails Inc have very aptly named it “The Southbank” which is incidently also one of my favourite places in London.

Nails Inc The Southbank Review

The colour is a soft pale grey which for me is so apt for the frosty spring whether we’re still experiencing in March, sort it out weatherman! The polish glides on really easily without leaving streak marks. Despite it being a light colour, the consistency is thick and the colour is very opaque. I am easily able to get away with just one coat but I like to do two to be on the safe side.

My biggest pet peeve is chipped nail varnish especially when it starts wearing away after a shower. Does that happen to anyone else, or just me? Nails Inc is often one of the bigger culprits that tend to chip easily, even if I’m not doing anything strenuous. The Southbank however has clearly been made with a better formula as it hadn’t chipped or cracked even after 4 days. By day 5 my lucky streak came to an end but for me that’s a reasonable amount of wear time.

Nails Inc The Southbank Review

Considering it’s quite a thick formula, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it dried completely within a minute. No imprints from clothing or bedding, which usually happens to me when I think it’s dry but it’s not. One of the best things about Nails Inc polish’s is that they have a high sine finish and this particular one is no exception. I love that when you’re done pampering yourself, it actually looks polished and pretty.

Nails Inc The Southbank swatch

Nails Inc have since changed the shape of their bottles so this is the old round bottle that I still love and wish they hadn’t changed from. I’ve just found out from a friend who works for Nails Inc that they haven’t continued this line in with the newer bottles but you can still get hold of it on some stockists websites. The current alternative to The Southbank is Cornwall Gardens.

Nails Inc nail varnish is usually priced at £14 a bottle. This is a little steep to pay for nail varnish if it doesn’t stay on however the colour and formula is so dreamy that it’s well worth the money.

What do you think of pale grey nails?


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