L’Oreal Infallible Foundation Stick Swatches and Review Shade 140 180

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a brand snob when it comes to Skincare and Makeup. And let’s face it, why shouldn’t you be? It’s going on your face and if the ingredients aren’t all up to scratch you could end up doing some damage. Last month I saw the new L’Oréal Infallible foundation sticks on my friend Amina’s Instagram and I loved the look of them. The coverage and finish both had me sold so they went straight on to my ‘to purchase’ list for that month.

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Stick Review

I always find that it’s always difficult buying drugstore foundations because there are no sales assistant/makeup artists to help you try it out and test for your shade. On top of that you’ve also got to hope that they have testers out for you in the right shades. My Superdrug is an absolute nightmare for having all the testers out and there’s never any staff around to help either.

After a few visits and waiting for all the stock to be put out, in the end I decided to just work with what was there. I didn’t have anyone else with me for a second opinion and my hand and my face are completely different shades so I had to hope for the best. The lighting isn’t usually great in there either and I don’t fancy trying something that’s been used by others straight on to my face so I had to make do.

I tested out about 5 different shades on my hand and in the end I opted for ‘Natural Rose’ 140 and ‘Radiant Beige’ 180.

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Stick Swatches

Natural rose has a very strong pink undertone whereas Radiant Beige is more neutral. In hindsight, Natural rose was never going to work for me but luckily it is perfect for my sister, so it wasn’t completely a waste. Shade 180 is very close to MAC NC30 and shade 140 is the equivalent of MAC NW30.

The first thing I noticed was just how creamy the foundation stick is. It literally glides on to your skin so effortlessly and just melts on. It’s dreamy to put on but one thing I noticed right away was that it did show my pores quite prominently. I decided to redo it with a primer first so I removed it all and started again. This time I was seriously impressed.

Blending the foundation is really really easy. Using a blending sponge and stippling brush were both easy to use, however my personal preference is to use a brush because it can work the foundation into all parts of my face, whereas a beauty blender takes a bit of extra work. Besides I’m all about that lazy girl beauty – less effort and more results!

The foundation coverage is definitely medium to high and it’s also really easy to build up with it. That being said though, it’s also very easy to get carried away with it because of how easily it goes on. I would definitely say start slowly and lightly and build up as you go along.

The finish is really really dewy. I usually go for matte finishes because I worry about looking greasy but I loved how this looks on me! My skin looks like it’s glowing.

Initially I was really raving about the price. I mean £8.99 for a foundation is so affordable, however I just realised that it’s a stick of just 9ml. So technically, it’s priced on par with higher end foundations like Fenty Beauty. Maybe not so great but still great to try out. I always have said that foundations should come in smaller sizes so you can test it out to see what you think instead of wasting bottles.

In terms of shade range. There’s 12 shades and not very many shades for Black and Asian skin tones unless you are of a fairer complexion. I would have love to say they’re excused because they’re high street but in this day and age and from such a big established brand, it’s really not at all acceptable.

Aside from how the L’Oreal Infallible Foundation Stick seamlessly glides on to my skin, I love the ease of use. The sticks are so so easy to pop into your bag and touch up your makeup without making a mess or having to balance your stuff on a grubby bathroom sink whilst your out. The sticks can also easily be used to highlight and contour your face or even a concealer. Versatility at it’s finest.

Purchase yours here.

Would I recommend this foundation? Actually, yes i would.
Would I repurchase it? I’m considering buying a lighter shade so that i can use it to highlight parts of my face.

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