Moonstone Murders Live Play-along

Moonstone Murder Mysteries is an entertainment company specialising in immersive entertainment. They are a team of wonderfully talented actors who put together regular shows across the nation which turns the audience into detectives and let’s face it, bring all of our Cluedo dreams to life.

Moonstone Murder Mysteries

For the period of Lockdown, the Moonstone Murders team have put together a number of incredible shows where you can log on to Youtube and play the murder mystery game to catch the killer.

The show is live so they have a guest detective every week and everyone at home gets a chance to ask questions and interrogate the suspects too. It’s a lot more fun and interactive than I thought it would be to be honest.

I love the fact that the show is completely free but they do ask you to make a donation if you can. 20% of donations will go to The Haemophilia Society.

If you’ve missed them, not to worry, they are still uploaded on to the Moonstone Murder Mysteries Youtube channel where you can play them back at a later date.

They’ve also said that Season 2 should be coming very soon!

Can you catch the killers?

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