The Best DIY Food Kits To Try Out

If you’re yearning to go to your favourite restaurants and eat food cooked by an expert, then just know you’re not alone. I too am counting down the days until I don’t have to cook for myself. Until then though, I’m loving the idea of DIY kits that restaurants are putting together. I’ve noticed more and more restaurants are getting on board with this, so I’ve decided to do a little round up post. All of these are halal friendly.

Pizza In The Post

Pizza Pilgrams have launched ‘The Frying Pan Kit’ which is now available to order nationwide. The kit comes equipped with all the ingredients to make two Margherita pizzas…in yep, you guessed it, a frying pan!

They’ve developed these kits not only so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home with your loved ones, but also because each kit sold helps them to pay and support their staff in this difficult time.

I think this is so lovely! The first booking slot has already sold out as I’m typing this which is amazing! Try out very own >>> Frying Pan Kit.

Doughnut Time DIY Home Kit

The best doughnut makers in town are selling a DIY kit so you can still continue to taste these melt in your mouth sweet treats. They’ve got numerous boxes available including a vegan one and HELLO, I’ve just noticed that they’ve added a Biscoff one!

In the kit you get 4 doughnuts, some glaze and lots of treats to decorate your doughnut with. It’s really fun to both create and scoff the doughnuts. Even more fun if you’re isolating on your own because that’s 3 extra doughnuts for you.

Priced at £22. Well worth it. Get creative with your very own >>> Doughnut Time DIY Home Kit

Patty And Bun Lockdown DIY Kit

Patty and Bun seems to be all over my socials at the moment with their Lockdown DIY kit. They have a meat kit and a vegan option. As far as I know the meat one isn’t halal (I have enquired and will updated this post as soon as I get confirmation). The vegan box contains:

4x Plant Based Patties, 4x THIS Isn’t Bacon, Vegan Smokey Mayo, Pickled Onions, Caramelised  Onions, Vegan Cheese, 4x Buns and Instructions.

Get your Patty and Bun Lockdown DIY kit.

Griddled Cookie Dough Starter Kit (and marshmallow fluff!)

Have you even been to Camden if you haven’t tried Chin Chin Labs? They create some of the most indulgent treats including their signature hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff and their Cookie dough *chefs kiss*.

Chin Chin Labs are now selling the marshmallow fluff and DIY kits for both their hot chocolate and the Griddle cookie dough starter kit. Get your Chin Chin Lab goodness via the link.

Lola’s Cupcakes Cake decorating kit

Want to decorate with none of the baking? Look no further because Lola’s Cupcakes have created just the thing. The box includes: Freshly baked cookies & cream sponge, chocolate ganache, cookies & cream buttercream, two packs of Oreos and cookie crumb for decoration. Included is a bakers hat, palette knife, cake board and presentation box too. It’s actually a really well thought out box. They even do a unicorn kit too.

The cake is a 7″ cake which serves 8-15. Get your Lola’s cupcakes cake decorating kit here.

MILK Sweet Maria kit 

It took me a while to get to MILK but when I finally did, I couldn’t get enough. The DIY pack to make 2 Sweet Maria’s at home is a dream come true. The kit includes Sweet corn fritters, halloumi and kasundi; but there’s a catch. They are currently only delivering to the following postcodes – SW12, SW17, SW16, SW2, SW4, SW9.

Get your Sweet Maria DIY kit here.

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