London Challenge: How To Spend A Day In Shoreditch

This week I went exploring in Shoreditch with huge thanks to They challenged me to spend a day exploring Shoreditch on a budget of £75! If you’re a regular around here, or you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that it’s one of my favourite places to hang out in London so this couldn’t be more fitting! If you’re looking to book hotels near Shoreditch then be sure to check them out and if you’re not then by the end of this post you most definitely will be because today I’m going to share ‘How to spend a day in Shoreditch’….properly!

I started the day off bright and early and headed down to Columbia Road Flower Market. This is one of East London’s hidden gems and if you’re not someone who likes to lie-in on a Sunday then I most definitely recommend making your way there to browse the blooms. They do the best bunches that are so well priced and last ages! Nothing like fresh flowers in your home!

Since I had an early start it was time for breakfast and what better place to have breakfast than the Cereal Killer Cafe! It’s located in the hub of Brick Lane which is always nice to have a wander down and see all the places you might want to put on your food bucket list. There is SO much to see but I was on a strict schedule today so I took my usual seat and ordered right away. I opted for my favourite thing on their menu, which is the stacked hot chocolate alongside some toast and marmite.

Cereal Killer Cafe

Next we decided to walk along brick lane and take a street art tour. The tour lasts 3.5 hours and runs from 10am to 1.30pm. The price is £15 per adult and it’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve done in a long time! It’s worth noting that they also do themed tours too if for example you want to see politically inspired art. I’ll definitely be booking in again for that one!
With new art cropping up regularly, it’s definitely something you can do all throughout the year. Speaking of new art, we even stumbled across something very new and very anonymous. Nobody actually knows who’s put these sprayed cans up around Shoreditch…yet. If you do find out, please let me know!

Zara Green Playsuit

P.S. My dress isn’t tucked in between my legs, it’s a playsuit (lol)

shoreditch cans shoreditch cans

You can book yourself onto a street art tour here. 

We finished promptly at 1pm and after all that walking I was starving, so we decided to head to a staple in Shoreditch. Homeslice!

I absolutely adore the relaxed vibes and gigantic pizzas they have at Homeslice so we couldn’t not make a stop there. The menu and premise is very simple. You can order a whole 20″ pizza (woah, I know) or order by the slice. Single slices are just £4 each and absolutely perfect if like me, you don’t have the biggest appetite. My favourite thing about Homeslice is the secret garden they have in the back. It’s so lovely to sit outside and enjoy good pizza and drinks in the sunshine.

Homeslice pizza

Now that we had been watered and fed, it was time for something that I had been looking forward to all day – The London Shuffle Club! I had been wanting to go for months but I guess I had just never got round to it.

If you’ve never heard of it, well the best way to describe it is that it’s kind of like a mix between hockey and curling. The very best two sports! TLSC explain it better as – ‘Floor shuffleboard is played on ‘lanes’ by two teams, with players using a ‘tang’ and a ‘biscuit’. A tang is a long stick with a fork on the end. You use the tang to push the biscuit, which is a disc, along the floor into a scoring zone’.

Let me tell you it is harder than it looks but so much fun! You need a lot of strength to give the biscuits a good push on to the points triangle but luckily by the very end I had fiiiinally got the hang of it. Handy tip – Channel all your anger into it! The London Shuffle Club  also do pizza and drinks so if you’re looking for a really fun evening out then put The London Shuffle Club on your bucket list. It’s also the UK’s first floor-based shuffleboard club!

london shuffle club

london shuffle club

london shuffle club

They charge are per lane only and not per person so technically it works out better if you have a bigger group. The game lasts an hour and if you’re super competitive like we are, then the loser buys all the drinks!

Just a quick note, if you’re not very good with arm strength then you can also visit The Little London Shuffle Club which is the same game but on smaller tables and just as much fun! The tables cost £20 per table.

Since we had such a blast we weren’t ready to go home just yet. We decided to walk over to Boxpark and have a browse through the quirky little shops. If you’re ever looking for a gift for someone that’s a little bit different and/or thoughtful then trust me, Boxpark shops have got you covered! I picked up this card for a friend who was supposed to join us but couldn’t make it (missed you Maz!).


The day isn’t done until you’ve had a good dessert, am I right? Our very last stop of the day was at Soft Serve Society. You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted their Charcoal Coconut ice cream on a charcoal cone. I could eat it all day long! You get to pick whichever toppings you want so I went for Granola and Popcorn.

soft serve

So let’s top up the numbers, is it possible to spend a good day out on a budget of £75?

Columbia Road Flower Market – Free
Breakfast at Cereal Killer Cafe – £6.90
Street Art Tour – £15
Home Slice (1 slice plus a drink) – £6.50
The London Shuffle Club – £40
Soft Serve Society – £4.75

Total = £73.15 

If I’m honest, I’m a little bit stunned that an entire day (11 hours!) in Shoreditch can be spent on a budget of £75. I meant let’s be honest, gentrification and all that. If you’re really really frugal, I’m more than certain you can have a fun day out on much less and whatever you do save then you can put it towards staying at a hotel in Shoreditch. Don’t forget to check out for the best deals on stays in London!

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