Mentioning blogging on your CV and interviews

On my social media channels I’m seeing more are more people ask – is it acceptable to put your blog on your CV?

In short – yes! 

The real question should be why on earth wouldn’t you? Your CV is there to sell you as a person (and your skills) to a potential employer. Regardless of the field that you’re applying in, anything that highlights your skills is going to be of interest to them. 

Many employers like inquire about about a potential employees hobbies to find out what they’re about and to see whether they will be a good fit to their team. If you’re blog shows a little of your personality, it’s really not a bad thing!

Still not convinced? Think about it this way, blogging shows your abilities to have great written communication, passion & time management skills. To name just a few! 

Try including the number of  unique views you get per day/week on your CV and you could also mention how it has helped to broaden your knowledge on SEO and social media. Sounds good now, right?

Should you leave your blog link on your CV?

I would say that you shouldn’t go that far. The reason for this is no matter what your content is, once you become a regular blogger, your blog grows with you. It’s deeply personal (although the topics and posts may not necessarily be) and your writing style often becomes your voice. 

It’s beneficial for a potential employer to have just enough information about you to be interested in you (i.e. that you blog) but not enough to have a preconceived judgement on you. 

What about when you’re asked in an interview?

There’s no need to be formal about your hobby. If it’s something that you love doing, your passion will naturally come across. Don’t forget to emphasise on how you’re a one wo(man) band as blogging requires you to be a jouranlist/writer, editor, PR officer, organiser and even a make-up artist!

What if i’m not getting paid to blog?

There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it just shows how dedicated you are and passionate enough to find the time to do something you love without having money as motivation.

All in all, starting and maintaining a blog requires a vast skill set. It’s not something you should be ashamed of or even try to down play. It’s OK to admit that a lot of work and effort goes into it and if people/employers do think it looks really easy, then you’re doing a great job of it!

Have you got your blog on your CV?



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