How To Write A Negative Review On Your Blog

As much as well all love our blogs to be happy, positive spaces, there are times when you experience stuff or try things out that just don’t live up their expectations. Sometimes these things will leave you shaking with rage and you may find yourself wanting to type furiously at your keyboard to tell the world wide web all about your despicable experience. And you know what I say to that? Good for you! Everyone’s entitled to their opinions and you shouldn’t have to sugarcoat things at all.

Tips on How To Write A Negative Review for PR products from brands
How To Write A Negative Review On Your Blog

Most readers will agree that they prefer bloggers to be honest and “authentic” in the posts that they write so don’t ever feel that you can’t express your truthful views. I do completely understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get your point across without sounding like a right moaning myrtle, so I’ve put together a few handy tips to help you be honest and remain professional whilst writing your negative review.

1. It’s not personal – Always remember that whatever negative experience that you may have had, it’s not personal. Don’t attack the brand, company or employees as chances are they didn’t set out to make your experience one you wouldn’t enjoy. It would be awful if in the end you will end up coming off as very unprofessional.

2. Constructive criticism – It’s completely ok to say you don’t like something. If you’re not happy, your blog is your own little space to voice your opinions; however it’s always nice for the company and readers to understand what they could have done better.

3. Don’t make things up – Try to base your review on facts. Although we have freedom of speech, if the company wants to address your complaint/negative experience you may need to show proof of what happened e.g. correspondance you may have had with a company/brand. As a rule you should always state facts before your opinions.

4. Communicate with the Brand – Before you take to your laptop with full steam ahead, try resolving the issue with the brand or company. If you were sent something to review and you feel it’s not gonna be a good one, it might be an idea to give them the heads up that you weren’t 100% happy with the product. It might have been a one off or something that can easily be resolved.

5. Why? – Don’t forget to explain why you’re writing something negative. Were you promised something and it didn’t deliver? Why are you unhappy? Why do your readers need to know?


In two years of solid blogging, I’ve only ever written one negative review. Chances are, the occasion won’t come about very often. Most people are afraid that showing any kind of negativity because they think it will scare off any work with PR’s and so try to stay away. For me, being true to myself and honest with my readers is a lot more important and I honestly feel you can’t build up a good relationship, be it personal or professional, without honesty.

How honest are you when you’re writing reviews?


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