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This weekend I had a much overdue catch up with my bestie. We were tourists for the day and travelled in style around London, on a boat if you must know and felt we needed some great food to end the day. If you’re a regular here at Damzel In This Dress, you’ll know that I only eat halal meat so a lot of the time I have to opt for the vegetarian option which to be fair, I really quite enjoy.

Food bloggers restaurant review for The Diner

On this occasion, after walking out of three restaurants due to their lacklustre menu, we stopped off at The Diner. Situated just behind the buzzing Oxford St, this restaurant has the perfect juxtaposing ambience you need after a long day out in the city.

The feel of the restaurant is yep, you guessed it, American diner style but less of the 50s which lots of diners try to do and more just the coolness of it all. The ambience is relaxed and casual, even the waiters are dressed in jeans and trainers and by the looks of it piercings and tattoos are welcome. Compared to some of the other restaurants near Carnaby street, The Diner is only slightly bigger but the tables are still all quite close together.

Food and Drinks menu for The Diner

The menu is surprisingly extensive and I was really pleased to see that they had more than one vegetarian option. We decided to go for a grilled halloumi burger (with avocado & peppers), sweet potato fries, vegetarian hotdog and macaroni and cheese.

The waitress was lovely and the food came quite quickly. I would have loved to have ordered a milkshake with my food but I cant do that combination. Milkshakes are not meant as food accompanying beverages! Who’s with me?

Burger, Fries, Hot Dog and Macaroni and Cheese from The Diner

The food scored top marks for me. All condiments were on the table including chilli sauce so I was a happy bunny but the food was so tasty that I barely even reached for the chilli sauce. I’ve found a new love for hotdogs and trying a vegetarian one was a first for me but I will definitely be eating more of them!

Hot Dog from The Diner Restaurant

The only thing I wasn’t entirely happy with was that they bring your cans of drinks to you opened. My friend and I both felt the drinks were so flat that we asked to have them changed and unopened. I was pleased that they did change them for us though without creating a fuss.

All in all the entire meal cost £30 for the two of us and let’s be honest, for a meal in central London, it was well worth it. I will definitely be returning to The Diner and I’m making it my aim to try out one of their milkshakes before the end of the year is over; who knows, maybe it will give Tinsel Town a run for it’s money!

What’s your favourite diner themed restaurant?


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