Models Own Nude Icing Nail Polish Review

I only recently discovered Model’s Own when my best friend bought me a whole load of colours for my birthday. I couldn’t wait to try them out and honestly I am kicking myself for not trying them sooner. I usually tend to stick to neutral colours so I was so pleased when one of the colours I got was Models Own Icing collection in ‘Nude’.

The bottles are not overly fancy or try hard bottles. They’re decent sized and the brush is both thick and soft so it allows for even coverage without those annoying streaks.
I usually find that with most brands pastel or lighter colours don’t go on too well and I need about 10 layers before the colour is fully opaque. With Models own I could actually get away with only one layer, shocking right?

The polish dries quite quickly, I’d say a tiny bit quicker than the average standard time. Once it’s fully dried I loved that it has a high shine finish and I can get away without wearing a top coat too. The formula must be made of something amazing because it doesn’t chip for at least 5 days which for clumsy old me is a miracle!

One thing that I’ve previously missed out when reviewing nail varnish is how well they come off. I’ve realised that this is quite an important factor as I hate any kind of residue or bits left on my nails. With Model’s Own nude icing the colour came off really easily and didn’t leave any staining on my nails either.

Whenever I wear this colour, I always have someone compliment me on how pretty my nails look. I’m so eager to try out their entire range and I would definitely recommend that you give them a go too.

What are your thoughts on Models own?


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