Should all Bloggers consider getting Headshots?

I try to refrain from writing posts advising bloggers on what to do and what not to do. A blog is deeply personal, regardless of what you may want to write about. It’s your space on the net to write whatever you want and there are no real rules…aside from the law of course! 

Recently I was approached by two different magazines who wanted to put a quote into their articles about my experiences. I’ll be handing out signed autographs later! I was of course delighted and happy to comply and so I responded. After a quick exchange of emails, I was then asked by both journalists if I had any high res headshots that I could send over to accompany my feature. Oh crap is exactly what I thought as I rummaged through my feeble collection of duck faces and just plain weird selfies. 

After some real thought, it hit me that if you’re a business person or an author, chances are you’re going to have a professional headshot for your press releases and published books or articles. So why are bloggers any different? You’re still producing content that is your own hard work and most of you would like to be taken seriously and maybe even become a full time blogger.
Aside from those that blog anonymously on purpose, why wouldn’t you stamp your work with your seal of approval.

After some serious pondering, I’ve come to the conclusion that it really is important to have a great headshot as a blogger because people connect with faces. Your readership feels that you are a real person online when they can see who you are. They want to connect with you – not your brand, cause, or opinion. They are seeking community with real people. The right photo can build credibility, trust, and promote engagement. So you need a good headshot!

Here are my 5 simple Tips for getting a Good Headshot

1. Be professional.

I don’t mean go out and find a professional, because I know these can be really expensive and lets face it, we don’t always want to be photographed by a stranger. What I do mean is that you should make an effort to look your absolute best. Put some time into your hair and makeup and think about how you want to look.

2. Get up close.

You want the focus to be on your face. It’s a headshot after all So have your photographer/camera get close.

3. Capture your personality.

There’s something unique about you and your blog that makes it different right? let it shine through!
I don’t think you need to have a serious or particular smile for your headshot. As long as it works for you.

4. Look directly into the lens.

Don’t look at the photographer, and if you’re shooting yourself, don’t look at the screen. Look directly into the lens of the camera.

5. Use editing software.

I know there’s always been controversy about whether someone uses photoshop or filters on their pictures but first of all, honestly, who cares? and secondly it’s a must for headshots!Although remember, sometimes a basic edit, such as cropping is all you need.

Do you think bloggers should consider having headshots taken for their blog?

p.s. I know I have yet to have one taken for myself but i’m working on it!



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  1. Daphnee StVal says:

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is an interesting post! Since bloggers are essentially their own brand, I would think a head shot is a good thing to have 🙂

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