L’Oreal Paris Infallible Gel Crayon Eyeliner 10 Got The Blue Review

Since it’s launch, L’oreal’s Infallible range has had me intrigued. The formula’s have been made better, in fact it’s the first drugstore line that I think really, and I mean really, competes with high end make up. Eyeliner is something I wear on a daily basis and after a decade of black lined eyes, I’ve been looking to experiment a little bit. Infallible Gel Crayon from L’Oréal Paris is a sharpable eye pencil with gel formula. Sounds pretty dreamy right?

l'oreal infallible gel crayon eyeliner in the blue

Well let me tell you – it is! This gel crayon glides on incredibly smoothly, and is perfect for inside the waterline or udner it. I really love the fact that it is so soft and easy to blend, making it super easy to create a smokey eye. Once applied this crayon is waterproof and remains in place for most of the day and evening. For someone like me who constantly has watery eyes and oily eyelids, this is a god send.

I love that it is so soft and easy to blend if required bit it also does the job of making smooth fine lines on my waterline. Once applied this crayon is waterproof and remains in place for most of the day and/or evening. No smudging and definitely no panda eyes!

My only real issue with this is the sharpening! I wish it was a twist up eyeliner and sometimes I wonder if it’s not actually meant to be sharpened because of how ridiculously difficult it is! I’ve spoken to friends who have all said the same thing. It’s really very frustrating.

l'oreal infallible gel crayon eyeliner in the blue swatch

The pigmentation is incredible. I’ve never actually seen a blue eyeliner this bright!

I wore the eyeliner on Eid and then decided to wear it on a more every day basis once I built up the confidence. SO many people complimented me on the eyeliner that I think I might have to get the purple one too now!

Here’s a picture of me after 4 hours of wear. It’s slightly patchy but for the most part, it’s still on! Considering my eyes are really really watery, this is amazing. Although there is an Instagram filter, the blue was just as vivid before the pink tinged filter was added to the photo!

L'oreal blue eyeliner

Quick tip: If you want to tone down the brightness of the blue, go over it with your usual black pencil and it will become a beautiful deep navy colour.

The L’Oreal Paris Infallible Gel Crayon Eyeliner is priced at £4.99 which is actually average for a drugstore eyeliner, I’m surprised actually because it does work very very well. Each time I use it, I’m always taken aback by how smooth it glides on. Considering I don’t have to keep re-applying, maybe I won’t be using up as much so the price might just even more value for money. Since I’m so pleased with the price, I’ll definitely buy it again and will 100% be purchasing it in black.

You can buy and browse the full colour range from Look Fantastic here.

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